Yet Another (Un)Surprising Spring 2014 Ranking.

125As of June 30, the day this article has been written, we are 2 days away from the fabtastic swimapocalypse and all the other anticipated (and not so anticipated) high profile (and not so high-profile) season of adaptations, sequels and all the other anime goodness that us fans love and love to hate. It’s a thrilling week of premieres to say the least, and unfortunately I will not be able to be there for it (but that’s another story) however I’ll make sure to catch up around the second episode and go from there.

Still, that said, this also means us anibloggers and anivloggers alike are closing the season, some shows forever,  others are already buying their ticket to return while others remain in the dark. Neverthless, without further ado, here I present my own ranking of the fanservice-infested Spring season.

(Haikyuu, Mahouka & Captain Earth are not included as they are still on-going, they’ll be in the Summer list.)

As always, I’ve split this up in Holy Trinity, Highlights Of The Season, Shows That Deserve A Mention and The Hall Of Shame.

Spring 2014 Holy Trinity.

1. No Game No Life

126Candypop The Animation. The bubbly colouring lured me in but  the addicting and wacky world of NGNL refused to let me and the thousands upon thousands other fans go, while it counts its faults, the good heavily outweights the bad, the bad being MADHOUSE and the author getting a hard-on for Sora and treating him like Jesus-kun everytime he’s on-screen. Frankly, when he’s not talking about his genius master plan NGNL might be the best recent MADHOUSE show in a long, long while and wins by landslide over all the other titles on the list.

Read my review on it here.

2. Kamigami No Asobi

127The reverse-harem genre is generally a mess of cliché and bad mixed with a MC that surpasses the shonen heroes when it comes to annoying and stupid. Thus came Kamigami No Asobi, a show that looks fabulous, sounds fabulous and is fabulous. This is all the reverse-harem genre should aspire to be, even if Kamigami feels more like a cute boys doing weird-ass things things show with a surprisingly likeable heroine. Sure, it gets dramatic at times, but that drama just made me laugh. Kamigami No Asobi is a show that shouldn’t be taken seriously and should be enjoyed to the max just the way I did, good on you, Brains Base.

Read my review on it here.

3. Mekaku City Actors

129Oh man, so, so many of you are gonna disagree with me on this one and, to an extent, I disagree with myself. SHAFT threw the potention this had out of the god damn window: Reducing the loveable character to paper-thin plot devices, a low budget, horribly paced episodes, no sense of direction, lack of time, the amazing action scenes they never dared to animate and the non-existent climax all mixed with typical SHAFT humor that is unfitting for this franchise leaves Mekaku City Actors to be a total mess of a show that deserves to be right at the bottom for the lack of heart and passion it has, it almost feels like they decided this overnight and just went with it ’cause, hey, why bother making something good when the Kagepro fan base will eat up anything Kagepro related, right?

Right. And it’s the fact that I love Kagepro as much as I do and the fact that I still enjoyed the first few episodes (somewhat) that I can’t get it over my heart to not put this on my top three, even though I know it shouldn’t. If SHAFT gave this Madoka-level budget and a decent amout of episodes, Mekaku City Actors could have been one my all time favorites as it has everything going for it. Everything but a decent execution.

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Highlights Of The Spring Season.

4. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

120I’ve had my say with Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to in my review of it. In all honesty, this is so, so much better than Mekaku Trainwreck Actors, even if it counts 15 minutes and even if it’s an ecchi reverse harem. Mangaka-san is just plain gut-breaking fun. It’s hilarious, it really is.

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5. Gokukoku No Brynhildr

130No, this show is not this high on the list because of it’s groundbreaking and complex plot. No it’s not on here because of it’s humane characters that surpass Ping Pong The Animation in depth. No it’s not here because of it’s detailed animation or even for it’s gut-wrenching gore. Gokukoku has none of that, Gokukoku is the dumbest anime I have come across to in a while, I kind of respect the creator for not giving a fuck. Gokukoku is entertaining as hell.

Dumb fanservice, dumb plot, dumber characters. I highly recommend you watch this if you want to laugh and, if anything it’s one of the few shows on this list that didn’t have bored for a single second and made me watch the OP episode after episode.

Read my review on it here

6. Soul Eater Not!

131This was the surprise of the season for me. Sure it’s no K-on when it comes to moe, but really, who is? Soul Eater Not was a fun show that just made me smile and gave me more yuri vibes than Akuma No Riddle ever will.

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7. Selector Infected WIXOSS

102I think I really love bad anime. Selector Infected WIXOSS is like Gokukoku but worse, worse because this time around, it feels like the producers actually took themselves seriously and thought they’re ballsdeep with a show like this. To bad, man, ’cause WIXOSS is just another Madoka wannabe that gets too stuck on it’s own edgy-ness that it chokes on it. Regardless of that, WIXOSS was strangely entertaining and I will definitely tune in for the second part of this Mari Okada-induced clusterfuck.

Read my review on it here

8. Nisekoi

Screenshot_5Yeah, I forgot this show aired too. While Nisekoi turned out to be pretty bad and melodramatic and dumb by the end of it, I guess it was refreshing-ish to see a harem anime done by SHAFT and while I would never ever recommend anyone to go out of their way to marathon it, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Shows That Deserve A Mention

 9. Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii

132For what it’s worth, Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii or The World Is Still Beautiful was actually a pretty decent shoujo that, at the beginning, had an addicting Disney-feel to it. Unfortunately it also made alot of people feel uncomfortable with the relationship between Nike (Adidas, haha.) and Livius, personally I was more annoyed about how hard they tried to make us feel bad for poor ol’ tragic Livius. Regardless, I enjoyed the show and it’s comedy especially.

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10. Isshuukan Friends


At it’s premiere, Isshuukan was a personal favourite as, for once, it was a ligthearted sweet drama between two friends. Fast-forward 11 weeks later and Isshuukan has fallen in it’s own repetetiveness. While this was not the death sentence for this show, it lowered it’s rank singnificantly. If you want a sweet ride, Isshuukan is the way to go.

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11. Akuma No Riddle

105Funnily enough, Akuma No Riddle felt underwhelming, but yet it was also strangely fun to marathon, that’s all I have to say. It’s a bit above mediocre and it has a great opening, but that’s all it is.

Read my review on it here

12. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

134National Geographic, lesbian edition. I never understood this kinky 5-minute short, but I guess it wasn’t that bad either.

Spring 2014 Hall Of Shame

 13. Black Bullet

The entire show.

This is the kind of shit CNN talked about. If you want to watch a show that fakes it’s plot but really you’re only interested in watching the harem of crying lolis, this is the show for you.

Read my review on it here


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  1. Haikyuu!

    I hate sport anime but saw in a poll that it was the most popular anime with women in Japan, so I gave it a chance. I’m not a woman though, I just wanted to see how bad or good was their taste and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting some crappy reverse harem like Kuroko’s Basketball but it was way better than I could possibly imagine.

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    • While I like Kuroko just a bit more over Haikyuu (maybe because is been going for 50 episodes already) I’m pretty sure it’s not a reverse harem by any stretch of the imagination, more like fujoshi fodder with sports? xD

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