Yet Another Teenager Arrested Over Anime Related Threat.


This time around the target was the entire Love Live! fandom.

“I’ll kill every last Love Live! fan in this country with my own hands. Love Live! fans trick you, and are anti-social like the people who scatter leaflets in the theater and step on them. I can’t allow people like that to live. I will surely kill them.” said the 15 year old student on Twitter, attaching an image of a kitchen knife to it, the threat forced the Love Live related events to increase their security before the highschooler was eventually arrested on Wednesday for forcible obstruction of business.

Upon his arrest, the boys claimed he “actually liked the anime but just “hated how badly other fans behaved.” coming from the guy allegedly threatening an entire fanbase.

Well, prevention is better than cure, they say, and  judging by the previous string of anime related arrests I think we can decisively agree on the fact that Twitter might not actually be the best place to vent out your teenage animu angst, kudos to Japan for not letting it escalate to anything more serious.


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Yet Another Teenager Arrested Over Anime Related Threat., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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