World Trigger Episode 1 – Nothing But Boring.

My BELT has more budget than this.

World Trigger is the title of the series which morphs every shonen anime ever in one, messy, ugly and lazy anime. For now.

– So we´re one minute in and I think that I have found my OTP in this anime. Shame that I probably won´t make it past the second episode. Honestly, it wasn´t on my agenda to watch World Trigger anyway, because I expected it to be exactly what it is: A childish show with bad animation that simply not up in my alley. Still.

– The opening song feels like a rejected Kpop hit, naturally, I like it. Everything hereafter is a trainwreck.

Seriously. The fact that our enemies are called Neigbhours says a lot about this show, the fact that we then spend half the episode dicking around in a class doesn´t really convince me. If I were the creator, I´d set up the first episode with the flashiest fight scene of the entire series, not spend 24 minutes showing just how not badass wannabe Near over ´ere is.

No, really, what am I supposed to feel? Am I supposed to like the shota? sympathize with the megane? If anything, the best thing of the entire episode was the pretty face of homeboy in the beginning. That´s it. The rest is boring. Dull. I don´t care about a plot that has been done before and has been done better before, I don´t care about what happens if I don´t like the characters. I just really, really, don´t care.

Conclusion: Toei is shit.

Will I blog this? No. I will probably drop it next week.


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