Why Tokyo Godfathers Is The Must-Watch Christmas Film

tumblr_mx51eod9821qad69po8_1280Aaahh Tokyo Godfathers, what a movie.

It’s the era where the the economy has sunk to a new low, and, interestingly also the era where material is given a much higher value than it ever was, Tokyo Godfathers seem to have predicted the future; Giving us a Christmas movie that isn’t about being a good kid so Santa gives us one gift on top of another.

Rather than that, we get ourselves a story of three people that have lost everything – or so they think – A story that brings us right back to the “truer” values of Christmas that doesn’t come along the lines of “60% off, Christmas deals!”

Family, friends, the value of love and what exactly does it mean. Tokyo Godfathers doesn’t try to be pretentious, but is rather a really, really fun tale and just another Satoshi Kon masterpiece.

I suggest you watch it if you haven’t already, because watching this in the living room with a blanket and christmas cookies is a gift all of it’s own.



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