Why Sengoku Basara Is The Only Nobunaga Anime That Counts

Sengoku-Basara-MovieOn the contrary of what you might believe, I am not actually dead. I am well alive but in school and hating it. I really,really, really wanted to write on my blog again though, so I am and I will try to be a little more active again.

Either way, when’s a better moment to start up again than in the first few days of the Winter season?

What with the excessive amount of Nobunaga-themed animes (okay, literally two, but whatever) I watched both of them, and boy, do they suck.

Nobunaga The Fool feels like a clusterfuck of a royal mess meanwhile Nobunagun feels like it could be so much more than where it’s seeming to go. Obviously, it’s only the first episode, and obviously, I will write up my three-episode-rule-of-doom about both shows when it’s the time to do so, so I’m keeping an open mind and hope that it was just an underwhelming start for an otherwise great season, right, Space Dandy and D-Frag?

Speaking of great things, if Nobunaga The FoolNobunagun do end up boring you, I feel morally obligated to direct you to a very, very awesome Nobunaga-related show, a show with no lack of Engrish and where epic speeches have never been so epic.

Two seasons, 12 episodes per season. Sengoku Basara is everything I want out of an historical action anime; Fun characters, epic speeches, hilariously over-the-top fights and basically; oozing of cool.

Now don’t get scared off, but think mid-Naruto in 12 episodes and with better characters.

Yeah, awesome right?


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