Why I Dropped, Spring 2015 Edition: Kekkai Sensen, Mikagura Gakuen, Gunslinger Stratos And More.


Listen, I have the attention span of a twelve year old on a sugar rush – I can´t force myself to sit down and watch a show that just doesn´t excite me or is just too difficult to understand. But hey, if you love modern action, lesbians, fight scenes that put Disney to shame and animation that looks like it was made with a 2 dollar budget and free breakfast, this season is for you, but a little less for pretentious shoujo-loving bastards like me.

So I was talking about Kekkai Sensen in the first paragraph, alright. Sure, it´s not actually difficult to understand, but it definitely requires more than 60% attention to get all the information in my brain – Kekkai Sensen, in that sense, is kind of like a pretty present wrapped in pretty paper that I´m not allowed to open but other kids are throwing it around anyway. I hear it´s great, I hear it´s fun, I hear it´s the best BONES has done in a good while, but I just can´t get to the point where I get invested in the story or characters.Gunslinger Stratos, Denpa Kyoushi

I tried, oh I tried, and it´s not you, Kekkai Sensen, it´s me – but our relationship just isn´t going to work out, because something about you is oh so difficult and I´m just a simple woman with simple likes and dislikes. I´m sorry.

In a less shocking note, Mikagura Gakuen tells the story of an obnoxious lesbian who ends up in a gay version of Hogwarts – unfortunately I never liked Harry Potter and Mikagura is basically Maria Holic with magic and just as much gay undertones – I liked the first episode, but it lost me on all the battle episodes thereafter. Too bad.

Denpa Kyoushi is just utterly unfunny, and I already have my teacher-classroom comedy of the season – Assassination Classroom – set, and I´m faithful. And it has better animation. Though I´m sure a dorm full of sad science students could whip up better animation than this.

Gunslinger Stratos is…well… was anyone really  expecting anything decent out of it? it has “goal: market the videogame” written all over it, so no-pe.

Meanwhile, Uta no Prince Sama 3000% Love had itself on the kickchair after animating the otherwise iconic ending dance in terrible CGI and doing the first two episodes completely wrong – thankfully, the third and fourth episode got back to the kind of non-harem-y slice of life I want to see, so that´s safe…unlike Nagato Yuki-chan, which is having me all kinds of confused – but has me confused enough to want to watch it till the end. GG Satelight, GG.

Basically, I´m just nit-picking, and basically, this season is crazy good – Ore Monogatari, Owari No Seraph, Yamada-kun & The Seven Witches and shit, even shows I wouldn´t typically like a lá Danmachi and Shokugeki No Souma are making my days a little more fun. One way or another, this season is a good one, and to be real, I might not even be dropping Kekkai Sensen because I feel dumb for not getting it. Whatever, man, whatever.


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Why I Dropped, Spring 2015 Edition: Kekkai Sensen, Mikagura Gakuen, Gunslinger Stratos And More., 1.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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