Why I Dropped #5: Captain Earth.



Dropped on: 13/25

Boring. Formulaic. Hentai Doujin material. This is my description of Studio Bones latest attempt in creating a memorable mecha series: Captain Earth.

The fact that the dashing first opening and the Team Rocket reminiscent villains were the best part of the show should say enough for you to judge my feelings over it. It was boring, and aside from Teppei´s episode in the early stages of the series, I don´t really care. The cliché characters, the feeling that nothing is at stake even though the world is supposedly in danger and the uninspiring events make me say that Star Driver is safely a lot superior to this trainwreck of a show.

Hell, it´s not even so offensively bad in a way that I´d recommend everyone to stay the fuck away from it. Oh yes, I wouldn´t go right up to you and tell you ´Look friend, there´s this amazing mecha anime that you probably haven´t seen, it´s called Captain Ea…´ No. That would never happen. If you are totally desperate -And I mean really, really desperate – for mecha and you have surely seen every quality and mediocre mecha anime out there then maybe, maybe Captain Earth could scratch that itch of yours.

Nevertheless, I am a busy woman and seeing that I´m already wasting time on fictional worlds, I should set some standards and avoid the absolutely mediocre. Atleast Star Driver had the campness to make it a worth a while. Just barely.


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