Why Episode 10 Of Space Dandy Is The Best Episode Of Space Dandy.


For me personally, Space Dandy has been a very hit or miss show; The series relies on it’s comedy and characters, which is a dangerous move for any kind of storytelling. I mean, if you don’t ‘feel‘ the comedy right of the bat than chances are that the show just isn’t made for you.

See here slapstick queen Binbougami Ga!, Beelzebub and most recently, D-Frag!; Three shows that I really, really, really enjoyed even though there are more than enough people that disagree with me ’cause it just isn’t their kind of comedy; Similar to how I can’t appreciate Detroit Metal City or, gasp, Inferno Cop.

So all in all, Space Dandy is kind of weird in that sense; Hit or miss.

I liked the space race episode, I didn’t like the plants episode and neither did I like the ramen episode, even though I did enjoy the vests episode; So what is it about episode 10 is having me restore my faith in this show?

Well damn, there was some genuine humanity and heart right there.

I’m sure I’m not alone on this one; I could relate. I could relate to a cat. The feeling of wanting to leave a certain place even if it means leaving your family; The feeling of looking up to someone and the feeling of never being able to repay them for what they’ve given you.

I’m sorry; Maybe this wasn’t the episodes intention at all, but I sure took it that way.

Definitely the most unintentionally feelsy episode of the week; Which is weird.


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