Why Doraemon Coming To America Is A Big Deal.


Somewhere inbetween the news of animators commiting suicide and their respective companies not caring, a certain piece of news has confirmed that Doraemon will be airing on Disney X D, all with it’s (in)appropiate censoring and English-fied name changes.

What is Doraemon? Well, it was adapted from the manga by the same name somewhere in 1973, but was unsuccesful, being both a poor adaptation of the source material and briging in little to no views, thus getting canceled, there is no footage but still images and some audio can be found due to the originals getting burnt. 5 years later Shin-Ei animation re-adapted it, quickly becoming one of if not the biggest childhood franchise of Japan and many other Asian and European contries. Doraemon 1979 counts 1787 episodes and the 2005 sequel is still on-going.

In Spain, Doraemon is just as big if not bigger than Pokemon, literally everyone knows it and they are still airing 1979 re-runs and the occasional movie. Hell, everytime I park my sister infront of Boing (Spain’s equivalent of Cartoon Network) I get either TMNT or Doraemon.

What I’m saying is that, Doraemon is a really big franchise, bigger than Pokemon, bigger than Once Piece, bigger than Sailor Moon…everywhere but America.

And now in 2014 Doraemon may conquer that aswell. It does something right, apparently, presenting likeable characters and an out 0f this world fantastic plotline all with it’s appropiate effed up fan conclusions.

Apart from that, Doraemon is the 2020’s olympic mascot, which may or may not have been some sort of influece on this random out-of-nowhere decision. So this is a pretty big deal, as 20 years from now people all over the world will be marking Doraemon next to Cardcaptor Sakura in their childhood cartoons list.


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