What I’ve Dropped, Spring 2014: Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, Kiniro No Corda & Sidonia No Kishi.


Visual representation of me after these shows.

I’m sorry, Brains Base, but a fancy light filter and the Sakurasou gone wrong plotline just doesn’t cut the chase. Kawaisou is boring, the humor is completely off, the romance is on the highway to nowhere, the characters are mighty unlikeable and the retrospect of having to sit through 24 episodes of this bullshit is a little too much even for me.

If you think re-using the same light filter for every episode counts as good animation or you’re still not over the dunce-main character, masochist-boy, deredere bookworm and lesbians-but-not-really archytypes then you might appreciate this more than I ever will. Not that that’s a difficult task.

To get a little wordier, Sidonia No Kishi left me completely uninspired, though I won’t say that it’s bad. I fail to see the ‘Attack On Titan in space‘ part but that might be because I dropped this show around episode 2, why? The animation I just can’t get over, the dipshit main character, why do they look exactly alike? and the overall idea that just doesn’t appeal to me. Granted, it’s probably alot better than the other two shows on this post.

Speaking of which, the second reverse-harem candidate does exactly everything it shouldn’t. Y’see, you have Kamigami No Asobi-level drama that makes you laugh, giggle, gasp and smile all the way through, but you also have Kiniro No Corda-esque drama which represents everything wrong with reverse-harems. It’s all about that excecution, man.

While we’re at it, why does the animation and colours look like something that came straight out of 2002 before rolling about in a trash can? I get that it’s basically an advertisement for the games, but c’mon, put a little love in it.

For the rest, I’m keeping up with the embarrassment that is Black Bullet for the sake of completion, Captain Earth for the opening and while I was close to dropping Akuma No Riddle, the last three episodes proved me wrong. Cheers.


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What I've Dropped, Spring 2014: Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, Kiniro No Corda & Sidonia No Kishi., 4.2 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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