What I Dropped, Summer 2015 Edition: Chaos Dragon, Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Gate & More.


I genuninely believe this Summer season is the best season I´ve experienced in my two short years of watching seasonal anime – from hilarious raunch parties like Prison School, Shimoneta and Seito Kaichou to stories like Gangsta and shows I expected jack from, but got a whole lote in return, I´m talking about Charlotte, Jitsu wa Watashi wa and basically, every other anime I´m watching this season.

For some reason it´s the posts where I complain that get the most views, if y´all want a tip on how blog about cartoons, stay negative, people love to talk shit. One way or another, I meant what I said, so my complaining about the next handful o titles is really just me nitpicking – don´t take it too seriously.

Chaos; Dragon


I knew from the get-go that this show wasn´t going to be for me; the white haired loli on the cover was enough for me to take three steps back and turn around to run far, far away from what I felt was going to just another generic, pandering fantasy trash show. Unfortunately, the surprising hype around this show got louder and louder to the point that I just couldn´t ignore it anymore, Chaos Dragon is a good example of a show where the writers of the source material are quality, but the adaptation kind of sucks. By kind of I mean really sucks, it sucked my energy and had me staring at the corner of my room as if I were in The Office, I´m not one to say that a show is bad, but guys, this is really bad.

I´m not sure wheter the source material is a light novel or videogame, but I´m going to guess that it´s the latter by the absolutely ridiculous amount of exposition in its first episode. I honestly don´t give a fuck about different clans and powers until I care enough about the characters, don´t dump this on me, I´ll get bored and leave. Anyways, the Urobuchi influence was strong in the first episode already, but he couldn´t save the five gallons of information drowning the actual action, I don´t have the time or patience to deal with this show.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Perhaps this show isn´t terrible, but I just don´t care about anything it offers – the girls are pretty, their boobs are big, the boys are average and boring, the military tag doesn´t do anything to me and the main character suffering from chronic Jesus-syndrome is enough for me to shut down the computer and sigh. I barely made it through the first episode, unfair or not, I don´t care.

Classroom Crisis

Read above.

Ao Haru x Kikanjuu


Once again anime grabs me by the collar and digs my nose in the sand, once again I´m left both agitated and dissapointed with a show that promised me it´d be a heartwarming, queerbaiting feel-good action show about a bunch of quirky, pretty looking characters. Aoharu, rather than straight up uninteresting, is just damn annoying. Hotaru is annoying, the gimmicks are annoying, the melodrama is annoying, the actual drama is uncalled for and honestly, it´s just very, very typical.

I haven´t dropped Aoharu x Kikanjuu yet because I´m bishonen trash and there are some things that remind me of the days I first got into anime, but for now it´s in the “skip through the entire episode” category.

Game of Laplace

In complete contrast to Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Game of Laplance or as I like to call it, No Homo: The Animation is a show that I had absolutely no interest in from even before it was announced, but was left overwhelmed by the mindblowingly beautiful opening which might just be the best opening I´ve seen in the whole entire year – too bad the show isn´t really that good, or even that bad. It´s dancing on the line of mediocrity and really, the opening is the only thing that keeps me from dropping it.


And those are the shows I´ve dropped or have been thinking of dropping, really, this season is great, the harem trash is great harem trash and overall, I´m loving everything, literally everything.


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