What I dropped, Fall 2014: Grisaia No Kajitsu, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, Selector Spread WIXOSS & More.

Hey! That sounds like Grisaia No Kaijutsu!
Hey! That sounds like Grisaia No Kaijutsu!

I´m sure these shows appeal to someone somewhere, and that´s fine, but unfortunately I´m not one to appreciate pink panties in my face or moe girls gone wrong.

The thing about dropping show is that at some point you read the description or saw the trailer and something in your brain convinced you that it´s worth checking out for one reason or another. Then you realize that you really don´t give a fuck, and you drop it.

See, I can´t really get angry about Le Fruit Of Grisaia, ´cause I wasn´t expecting a whole lot anyway. What I really didn´t expect, however, is that it´d turn out to be this bland. If the show could atleast make the women a bit crazier, if atleast the show could blow stuff up and make blood spill all over the screen, then maybe it could be worth a shot, maybe it´d be enjoyable in the same way that Akame ga Kill is. Unfortunately, if the characters are pathetic enough as they are, throwing in drama just makes it laughable. Therefore, with just 2 episodes in my system (judge all you want, I know that I won´t enjoy the rest of the show) I decided to drop this Monogatari look-a-like (yes, I know they have the same character designer) and to be honest, I´m not missing it.

Then we have Selector Spread WIXOSS. The first season was floating between utterly forgettable and utter shit, but Mari Okada´s attempts in shocking the audience was funny enough for me to (somehow) finish it. I guess I learned to love myself a little more, because I feel nothing about this show, so I dropped it. I think it was the mean bitch from last season coming back in all her decibel-breaking-glory that convinced me. The forced yuri was pretty funny, too. I doubt that anything impactful would´ve happened anyway. I mean, it´s Mari Okada, after all.

I don´t have a lot to say about Inou-battle, I don´t dislike it, but I don´t really care to invest 24 minutes a week in it. If I wanted a good comedy that has characters dealing with chuunibyou, I´d re-watch the hilarious D-Frag. As goes for World Trigger, the animation of that show just put me off from the get-go. I haven´t been hearing anything about it either, so I´m guessing that it hasn´t improved.

To get to the juiciy part of this post, here are two shows that I´m unsure about:


With a story like the one Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has, this show could´ve been a mature, poetic love-letter dedicated to classical music fans. It could be heartwarming, it could be different.

Instead, Shigatsu walks the most anime road possible, resulting in an un-charming, almost offending story of perfecto-pixie-chan turning loser-kun´s depressing life around. Too bad that the last thing this guy needs is a blonde, blue-eyed violent pixie girl forcing herself into his life.

There´s just something about the tone and the thematic of this show that rubs me the wrong way. Best believe that if I were the writer, I´d either go full-fluff with some bittersweet moments or full-drama with some heartpumping moments of victory. All this show has to be to succeed in the hearts of the ones that dislike it is be a bit more humane, a bit less anime and a bit more literature, if you get what I´m saying.

I don´t appreciate this show, but for some reason, I can´t drop it either. It´s simply floating around in the abyss of lost potential. Maybe I´ll convince myself to watch more than three episodes of it. Maybe.


Speaking of lost potential and dissapointment, let me tell you about this anime called Donten Ni Warau. I was anticipating this show, mostly because it had pretty boys and the premise promised action. That´s all this show had to be: Pretty boys engaging in well-choreographed action while they catch criminals and ferry them away to prison. Unfortunately, in these 4 episodes that I have seen I have only gotten one scene of that.

Donten Ni Warau is apparently aiming to be the most uninspiring and bland anime of the season. At the very lest Grisaia can be watched as some sort of comedy, but this? this is just generic as hell.

For now, I have Donten Ni Warau sitting around on my list, having me wonderin´ why I haven´t dropped this yet. I guess I really am shallow enough to stick to a show if it has generic looking pretty boys in it.

So, should I give any of these shows another chance, or is it really just a matter of taste here?


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What I dropped, Fall 2014: Grisaia No Kajitsu, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, Selector Spread WIXOSS & More. , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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