What Are You Doing, Samurai Flamenco?

31219-sam_header“What are you doing, Samurai Flamenco?” Is the question us viewers ask ourselves week after week; When you expect it to finally explain it’s wacked up shenanigans, but instead falls deeper and deeper in the puddle of weirdness and nonsense.

The outcry over episode 7’s Guilletone Gorilla was loud enough that even the people who weren’t watching the series knew what was going on, and boy, they better.

What started out as a fun, light-hearted underdog show set-up in the real world, quickly shifted gears, turned a 360 and had me put this show on hold for three-or-so weeks because I felt like it crossed the one line it shouldn’t have crossed, but then it got me thinking, is Samurai Flamenco really as shallow as it’s making itself out to be?

Samurai-Flamenco-012We’re on episode 15 in a 22 episode show. We’re over halfway done and everyone is still confused as to what Samurai Flmaenco is trying to say.

I know I’m not the only one who has come up with a few theories to make sense out of everything that has happened post-Gorilla episode.

But, if I’m honest with’cha, I think all of this started way before that; It was around where Masayoshi started getting less sleep and got more and more stressed leading his model-life while also “protecting” the city on the surface; When his good deeds got frowned upon and when things started to look like it was all for nothing; Goto told him to cut the act, his only hold-on being his optimistic self and his late-grandfather’s letters.

But then all that got teared down aswell as he finds out that his parents were mysteriously killed in America and his grandfather never told him, after feeling betrayed and after witnessing a few unlike-Samurai Flamenco heavy scenes, he decides to tell Gotou together with; “But it feels kind of superhero-like to say that your parents died, huh?”

A few minutes into the future and Masayoshi and the police raid a drug base and that’s where Samurai Flamenco apparently screwed up.

Of course, there is no way that all of this is actually happening; If so, why haven’t we seen bigass robots before? And why did everyone show up exactly right now?

It’s all too convenient and I refuse to believe that Omori Takehiro, (Director of Hotaburi No Mori e, Durarara!!, Bacanno!, Natsumune Yuujichou, Kuragehime) is capable of writing such a travesty of a “plot twist”

I mean, the setup around the anime is perfect. It’s an all-original so there is no-one who actually knows what’s going to happen next. It’s perfect.

samurai-flamenco-flamenco-vs-fake-flamenco-money-rangers-640pxAnd thus we have my theory; Granted, I’m writing this “article” to procastinate on studying for the 7 exams I have next week, so please forgive me.

Alright, so the first thing I’ve noticed in the transition was that everything that Masayoshi doesn’t disagree with dissapears into the background and everything he wants becomes reality; The Flamenco Girls are hardly relevant, people start admiring him, he becomes the leader of a fighting-for-justice-power-ranger-group, his parents are never mentioned again, his manager accepts his superhero life, the villains are awfully easy to defeat, and so on.

I believe that Masayoshi isor going crazy and things are either told from his point of view in a very messed up way, or Masayoshi was never really okay to begin with. That or he is in coma, which is one of the more popular theories going around, but it’s a little too simple.

And with that I come to my second point; Beyond Flamenco.

Beyond Flamenco could very well be part of the “real” Masayoshi; And that’s why he asked him what he was fighting for, and killed himself afterwards.

Call me crazy but I think that all the conflict in episode 14 and 15 is a sign of Samurai Flamenco regaining conciousness little by little; I suspect something big will go down within the next five episodes. That or they will drop a major clue as to what is happening.

Of course, there is the possibility that this is exactly the path Samurai Flamenco wants to take; And if that’s so I will terribly dissapointed.



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