Weekly Comments #8: Shit Just Got Real.

And I’m not just talking about this.

It’s about time.

Zankyo No Terror Episode 7 – I felt a bit bewildered over the sudden-ness of these events, but the second half of the episode kind of blew me away. Twelve and Lisa provide yet again one of my favourite scenes in this anime. I am seriously curious about the ending of this show, though.

Gurassu Rippu Episode 8 – Dramaqueens. All of them.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8 –  Meh.

Edgy Power Rangers Episode 8 – Meeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 8 – This reminded me of every doujin I have ever read holy shit.

Ao Haru Bullshit Episode 8 – You can get assaulted. He said. Fuckin’ done.

Barakamon Episode 8 – T’is good. Made me laugh.

DRAMAtical Murder Episode 8


Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 – Kinda hungry, kinda crying over this episode. This was amazing.

Gekkan Slayin’ Nozaki-kun Episode 8 – Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss.

Haikyuu!! Episode 21 – Good stuff.

Kuro The Shit Suji Book Of Circus Episode 7 – That episode tho. Good God.

Love Stage!! Episode 8 – I’m a bit skeptical because this is slowly leading up to a ‘this was just a shitty preview, buy the manga for more gay sex’ kind of thing.

This week in a nutshell:



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