Weekly Comments #8: Intercourse With Lolis & Other Incestuous Games.

My face during everything.

Despite the title, I haven’t seen Yes! I Want To Bang My Loli (Or Black Bullet, whichever title you feel less guilty about) yet. I don’t think I’m missing out.

Akuma No Riddle Episode 8 – This episode just felt incomplete and very meh in comparison to last week’s bangin’ episode tbh.

Captain Can You Not Episode 8- Yo, redhead reminds me of that bartender Pokemon guy. This show is dumb.

Gokkun (Google it) No Brynhildr episode 8 – Oh come on, you blush when he calls you by your first name and yet you have no problem taking him to bed. Riight.

Haikyuu!! Episode 8


This is not National Geographic episode 8 – If you want to teach your child the names of animals, show himher this lesbian-fied version of it.

Kamigami No(pe) Asobi episode 8 – I like how the thunder guys is there just to make this ship seem less gay.

There’s No Way My Little Sister Is This Tsundere Episode 8 – Yet another exciting episode of people talking to eachother and Tatsujesus being himself. Incest.

Mangaka san to Assistant san to episode 8 – This show is Kamigami-level iconic.

Bukkake AV Actors episode 8 – YAAAAAAAAAASSS ;_;

No Fanservice No Sales episode 8 – I don’t know what it is, but this show is absolutely amazing entertainment-wise. Also Incest.

Selector Incestous WIXOSS episode 8  – more incest.

Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii episode 8 – I FORGOT WHAT HAPPENED.

Stupid losers living under one roof for 24 episode with absolutely no romantic development or otherwise with horrible comedy that makes me want to die episode 8 – Dropped this harder than a dubstep song.



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