Weekly Comments #5: Just A Bunch Of Masochists.

Me after everything.

Why I’m purposely watching purposely bad cartoons at 1 A.M and enjoying it instead of going out and having friends is beyond me.

The Edgy Adventures Of The Edgy Power Rangers Episode 5 – Go back to your fucking S&M cave Esdeath. Matoi Ryoko needs to chill. The flashback random-ass depression thing made no sense. Why does this show even have Akame in the title if she does nothing but cook and look all cool into the camera from time to time.

Ao Au Aha Hao Raido Episode 5 – It’s a damn sunset. Sunsets are always gonna be there. It’s a sunset. Why are you so stupidly impressed by a sunset?


DRAMAtical Murder Episode 5 – Serious comment here: The common route is inherently boring so this being a trainwreck was to be expected. Atleast the shit part of the game is over and done with, now it’s to see how much they’re gonna censor.

Free! Eternal Money Maker Episode 6 – Holy shit this feels like a repetition of last season what the fuck

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 5 – AOTS.

Glasslip Episode 5 – Let’s just call this ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?!’ The Animation from now on.

Haikyuu!! Episode Whatever – It’s good.

Kuro The Shit Suji Book Of Circus Episode 4 – Ciel is a little bitch.

Love Stage Episode 5 – I mean, I get Izumi y’know, my drawings also look like a piece of shit. But I don’t have some gorgeous actor on my ass 247 so fuck this.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 3 – PRETTY guardian? Well son, there’s nothing even remotely pretty about this. Go back to the souless factory you came from.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 5 – This show has no chill.

Zankyo No Terror Episode 4 – This show has no chill either.

Stuff I didn’t watch: Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, Mahouka, Re:Hamatora & Shonen Hollywood.

This week in a nutshell:



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