Weekly Comments #4: Going Balls Deep.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 04 - Large 15

You best believe making a yaoi manga out of a dating sim isn’t even the gayest moment of the week.

Gurrasu lippuu~ Episode 4 – The title still sounds like a porno genre tbh

Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 – Oh, don’t make it gay.

Zankyo No Terror episode 3 – This reminded me of the Death Note days. This is a good thing.

Power Rangers With Tits And Gay Men Episode 4 – Trash.

Ao Haru Ride Episode 4 – I’m sure Jesus himself  Uguu~’d  all over this shit.

Bakumatsu Rock episode 4 – Oh my fucking God. This show is so stupidly funny.

Barakaramadigipokemon Episode 4 – This entire show is one big ‘Wow ok’

Nobody gets DRAMAtically Murdered tho – I would bitch about the animation that was actually good but the gay fight between Hot Topic trash and Heterojaku was hilarious.

Free! Eternal Suffering Episode 4 – This hit waaaayyy to close to home. My faith in this anime is restored. Thank you based Kyoani.

You Know What Sounds Good? Making A Harem Game Gay Lol  Episode 4- Positively in love with this show.

Haikyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu episode 4 – It’s Haikyu, it’s good, that’s it.

Kuroshitsuji? More Like KuroThe ShitSuji Book Of Circus Episode 4 – Yaaaaaasss

Love Stage!! episode 4 – Wow this episode was so cute I want to drop-kick someone in the shin

Hamtaro episode 4 – I honestly don’t care.

Aldnoah, Shonen Hollywood and Mahouka Episode Whatever – Didn’t bother.


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  1. “Power Rangers With Tits And Gay Men Episode 4
    You Know What Sounds Good? Making A Harem Game Gay Lol Episode 4”
    What anime are you talking about here?

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    • Haha, sorry for the confusion x) The power rangers one is Akame Ga Kill and the other is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

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