Weekly Comments #2: It’s Never What It Looks Like.

why is this show so angry all the time

Your childhood sweetheart is a dude, gays have girlfriends, girlfriends  have girlfriends, the dead is alive, tsunderes are tamed, Zankyo No Terror is still slaying everything in it’s path and Akame Ga Kill is Mirai Nikki’s stupid yet adorable little sister. Sigh, it’s never what it seems.

Bakumatsu Rockuu~ Episode 2 & 3 : Ryouma confirmed Shinsengumi number one fangirl and this show has shit sense of direction.

Free! Eternal Money Maker episode 2 & 3: Yaaaaas mama this show is back in all it’s angsty sexual-innuendo galore. Thank you based Kyoani.

Himegoto episode 2: Um.

Akame Ga 2edy4you Episode 2: “No matter how you look at it we’re still killers.” ok son sit the fuck down with your misplaced edgyness and grow out of your ‘I’m-so-dark-and-twisted‘-12 year old phase thanks.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 2: MC annoys me.

Ao Haru Ride Episode 2: As a reader of the manga I can guarantee that the next few episodes will be absolutely amazing.

Barakarapokemon Episode 2: All this show reminds me of is why I hate children.

DRAMAtical Character Butchering Episode 2: Thanks obama.

Gekkan-Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 2: I don’t think you understand how good this show actually is.

Glasslip Episode 2: I feel betrayed because my friend told me there were lesbians. There was none.

Haikyuu!! Episode 2: Fluffier than God damn K-on.

Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus Episode 1: “wE WILL FAITHFULLY ADAPT THE MANGA.” Said A-1 Pictures and presented a character exactly no one has ever seen before. Ok.

Love Stage!! episode 2: Holy crap this is amazing.

Re:_Hamatora Episode 2: I feel like I’m watching a cheap version of Persona and I’ve never even seen Persona before.

K-pop The Animation Episode 2: God damn this is boring.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2: Ay lil mama let me whisper in yo ear.

Zankyo No Terror Episode 1: Is that you Nagisa?




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