Weekly Comments #10: I Didn’t Know This Fetish Existed.


Sometimes I look at myself and wonder what exactly I’m doing.

Peeing In The Elevator Like Episode 10 – What the fuck am I watching.

Bukkake AV Actors Episode 9 – Kano is Jesus.

Lesbians On Stereoids Episode 10- I didn’t know you could do that.

Lesbian Geographic episode 9 – Fuck.

Soul Eater Not! Episode 10 – I thought Brains Base was pulling a Haruhi on us here.

Selector Wtf Does WIXOSS Mean Episode 10 – I love how MC looks completely unfazed over the fact her bestfriend turned into a card.

No Fanservice No Sales Episode 10 – I hate the way I love this.

Mahouka Gettin’ On Dat Incest Episode 10 – If you want a show that spends 24 episode talking shit and doesn’t end with -gatari, this is it.

Cinderella Is A Man Episode 10 – Shit went full Otome on us just now.

Haikyuu Episode 10 – Still shippin’ it.

 Indirectu kissu So Hazukashii Episode 10 – Ever mentioned how dumb these characters actually are.

Captain Earth Episode 10 – This show is so stupidly formulaic and overly-ambitious it’s tripping all over itself.

Pedo Bullet, Married To A 12 Year Old & Forgot The Title Of This Anime Episode Whatever– Skipped.


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Weekly Comments #10: I Didn't Know This Fetish Existed. , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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