Weekly Comments #1: That’s Kinda Gay.

In case you didn’t quite catch the h2homo subtext yet.

Oh yes, Summer has begun.

Free! Eternal Money Maker Episode 1 – Kyoani discovers dubstep, the sequel.

Bakumatsu Rock Episode 1 – My name is Selena and I am very confused.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 1 – Calm the fuck down Kirito.

That New Urobutchi Show Episode 1 – Episode one and we’re already blowing shit up. Okay.

Glasslip Episode 1 – This name sounds like some obscure porno tag.

Ao Haru Ride Episode 1 – Holy crap, that was bad.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 1 – Holy crap, that was good.

Barakarakamamon Episode 1 – I don’t think you understand how funny this title is to me.

DRAMAtical Wtf Nobody Gets Murdered Episode 1– Tumblr lost it’s shit and Koujaku is the most heterosexual gay in town.

Haikyuu! Episode 14 – Ka-ka-ka-kawaii.

Himegoto Episode 1 – It’s like Ouran but bad and with lesbians.

Love Stage!! Episode 1 – The exclamation marks are pointless!!

Mahouka No I Did Not Bang My Sister Episode 14 – I forgot this show existed.

Toei Needs A Punch In The Dick: Crystal Episode 1 – The people working on this should get fired.

Re:_Hamatora Episode 1 – Here’s a plot twist that absolutely everyone saw coming. Cheers.

Kpop The Animation Episode 1 – It’s shit.

I Was On A Date And Now I’m A Cannibal Episode 1 – I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.


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