We Need To Talk; So Pupa Is Actually 5 Minutes Long.


While I think the Pupa manga is ridiculous in it’s own right; It’s atleast coherent and enjoyable and kind of of a clusterfuck.

The anime however, took away the coherency of the manga while it also single handedly violates all the rules of coherent story-telling in general and then emphasized the clusterfuck times seven if not more in the first censored episode alone.

I think it’s a real shame because I sincerly thought that Pupa could have been the success of the season if, you know, they didn’t adapt the entire first chapter in one single minute and dedicated the other 3 to Yui from K-on No.2 transforming into a thing that wasn’t even scary.

Still. It was quite the experience and kind of hilarious. I would feel a little offended if I were the mangaka, to be honest.


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