Voice Actor Minoru Shiraishi Will Do Some “Serious Soul Searching” For Downloading Doujinshi.


Minoru Shiraisi, best known for appearing as himself in Lucky Star and as Itsuki in Initial D, took his terrible, disgusting deed to his personal blog earlier today to write and apologize for “trying to use” the doujinshi in question without permission – a photo he posted earlier this week revealing his computer screen downloading said file.

What exactly was the doujin about, though? tentacles? guys dicking each other down? girls with dicks dicking each other down? not really, the doujinshi involved was one of The Idolmaster; Cinderella Girls, created by the doujin circle Okina Keiku. So apart from being an awful unlawful person, he also has shit taste.

Shiraishi apologized profoundly to his fans, said he´s deeply reflecting on the tragic situation and in a “soul searching” state, thankful for the creators forgiving heart, shit, I would´ve axed the dude.

All jokes aside though, can you imagine this man sitting infront of his computer writing all this? Maybe he was being humoristic about it, I don´t know, the man looks kinda goofy and like he´d do that.

Out of curiousty I googled the doujinshi “dereraku” and god bless, don´t search it with ya mama in your room all news is good news for the doujin circle, though, I think they should gift him a box of ferrero rocher, or something.


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