UQ Holder Most Likely To Get Anime Adaptation + Switches To Monthly Magazine.

Negima never died, and it lives on in UQ Holder, Ken Akamatsu’s (Yes, that Ken Akamatsu who knows no flops) latest greatest manga that began publishing in 2013, and has since then always been in the top ten most viewed manga in your local illegal manga reading app or website, right behind To Love Ru and Noblesse. Asamatu’s name is more effective than big tiddies, it seems.

Weekly Shonen Magazine said that they’ll announce two important things, and early scans from the magazine state news about an upcoming anime adaptation, and the transfer of the manga to the monthly Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

This shouldn’t really surprise anyone. I’m sure many people are trippin’ on happiness right now, and although I can’t exactly relate I definitely understand the impact Love Hina and Negima had on anime fans from the mid 2000’s, myself included, who confused Negima for Gintama for two entire years before I tried to watch the former again, and kind of wanted to commit. Either way, good for you, Asamatsu, good for you, fans.


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UQ Holder Most Likely To Get Anime Adaptation + Switches To Monthly Magazine., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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