‘Under The Dog’ Might Happen Even If It Doesn’t Meet It’s Goal.

While the Kickstarter project itself has only raised half it’s goal with only ten days left of the funding, the tenth update has hinted that ‘Under The Dog’ might actually happen, even if¬† it’s goal isn’t met.

‘We have been working on some developments over the past couple of days and wanted to let you know that we will hopefully have a pretty cool announcement sometime next week so stick around!’ they say.

‘Hint: it most likely means we will be able to fund but perhaps not in the way you might imagine¬† ;): Keep in mind we still want and need backer support. Without you guys this project would be going nowhere and we are deeply grateful for all of your comments, kind words, and encouragement. We all want to make this project happen so let’s get out there and do it!’

One of the developments they’re talking about includes multilanguage subtitles, you can read the entire thing here.

Personally, I really want this to happen and the animation, stylization and colours of the trailer look nothing short of magnificent and high-budget, which is the least you should expect judging by their 580K goal. Will they meet their goal though? I honestly doubt they will.


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'Under The Dog' Might Happen Even If It Doesn't Meet It's Goal. , 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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