Trickster Edogawa Ranpo Episode 1 – Put Five Emos In A Blender.

Trickster Edogawa Ranpo

Tokyo Ghoul is currently shaking in its edgy socks after this first episode.

By which I mean that Trickster Edogawa Ranpo is super hot trash that’s getting okay reviews for some reason – by which I mean barely passing, but this show is not even worth that much.

So get this guys, there’s a white haired pretty boy who wants to kill himself. Joke is, he can’t. So we watch how this edgelord is trying to kill himself throughout the entire episode by stabbing himself, shooting himself, throwing himself off buildings, killing puppies. This should sound cool, except it totally isn’t.

Of course, the gist here is that there’s some sort of detective team with different, cliché personalities, and our main (?)  chaotic good protagonist meets our suicide boy, and although we have not seen it yet, Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul will join his little suicide squad and discover the wonders of friendships.

Someone killing themselves for twenty-five minutes should be a lot more exciting that it was. Overtime, I started hoping Kaneki Ken 2.0 would actually push through with drinking bleach because the series does nothing to make him likeable for anyone who’s not into tragic pretty boys. Chances are most of us aren’t, anymore, at least.

The entire episode just felt half assed. Done by TMS Entertainment, we shouldn’t have expected anything more than that. Man, they’re really doing my mans Edogawa Ranpo dirty with all these shitty adaptations, but at least the last one had a good opening.

For one, the moment that should have shocked us all was absolutely ridiculous. Edgy boy snaps a cute dog in half and that’s cue for us to…I’m not sure, feel bad I guess? sympathize? realize in what deep shit Kaneki Ken™ is in? I’m not sure. Either way, the entire dog is forgotten ten seconds after it’s killed, and our other protagonist doesn’t even mention it.

Not even the show itself cares about the dog. The show doesn’t really care about the attempted rape in the first second of the show either. Trickster Edogawa Ranpo continues the streak of comically edgy Edogawa Ranpo inspired anime and unfortunately, it’s not even edgy enough to make fun of.

It’s not worth your time, kids.


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Trickster Edogawa Ranpo Episode 1 - Put Five Emos In A Blender., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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