Top 7 Trashiest Anime Beatdown.


I´m not gonna lie, I love trashy, bad and embarassing anime and it´s not just because I´m a masochist who loves to suffer, it´s also mostly just I genuinely love fiction gone wrong, wrong to the point it goes down anime cult history for being an absolute clusterfuck. Thankfully, as with all the mediums, there´s plenty of shit between the diamonds and my God, did I have fun investigating these tragic spawns from hell, I hope you have nothing productive on your schedule today, because you´ll probably get distracted watching these shows.

Ghost Stories

I can´t mention anime clusterfucks without mentioning Ghost Stories the most well known animu on this list, and for good reason. Apparently the show bombed so hard in Japan the directors didn´t  even care anymore, so they got the money they could get of licensing and let the scriptwriters completely change the dialogue (read: wreck) and let the voice actors adlib some scenes on the spot, this is the beautiful outcome, and I could only wish all shit-selling anime would get the Ghost Stories treatment.

“We tore the fuck outta´s that show.” say the cast, in this video for your reference. “We only had a few rules, the rest was up to us.”

Most iconic moment: Hard to say, but I think “monsters only get evil people, like republicans.” is up there.

Gundoh Musashi

Gundoh Musashi is a religious experience and a tutorial on how to animate using photoshop and fail. If that one episode of Pokemon sent a bunch of kids to hospitals with a seizure, I´m sure the opening of Gundoh Musashi killed some unsuspecting adult suckers, because that shit is epilepsy in a few gigabytes. It´s the kind of opening people write creepypastas about over how the production actually wanted to kill us all.

The show was produced by some poor studio called ACC Production, who also did some movie called Gunstein and some OVA called Scoopers in the 80s, I like to think they fucked off the anime scene after producing Gundoh Musashi though.

Anyways, apart from having an opening song that could lead people to depression, the series itself has more stills than a fucking museum, it´s about some dude samurai with some rad lasers and God, this is the show you watch completely smashed with friends on the couch.

Most iconic moment: The Ghostbusters rip off opening.

Popee the Performer

Speaking of shows you should watch with at least half a bottle of vodka in your system, Popee the Perfomer should incite some interesting reactions. It´s literally the most unintentionally fucked up thing I´ve watched in a long time.

You know those weird animated porno ads of superhumans sucking their own dick on your friendly porn site? this is that, with an animation style nowadays mostly used for kiddie shows, but I wouldn´t be surprised if Popee the Performer were to suck his own dick at some point. I only watched one episode and I wanted to cry.

“Dementia” is an actual tag on MyAnimeList on this show. A studio related to this show later also worked on Idolmaster. Take that as you will and don´t show this to anyone even slightly emotionally unstable, it will probably trigger them.

Most iconic moment:  My drunk friends crying in a corner.

Garzeys Wing

Dubs save anime. Garzeys Wing proves it. Apart from being the actual grandad of “People die when they are killed” with the iconic “He is human. Humans are just humans.” Garzeys Wing is quite the magical experience.

I´d also love to let you know that the director of this magical clusterfuck is no other than the creator of Gundam, the Yoshiyuki Tomino, one of the seven gods of the anime scene, this plus his directing on Astro Boy – between those titles and an OVA about a boy wearing what I assume is a necklace of talking anal beads, well, there´s a bit of a punny stretch.


Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de


The anime to put an end to all console wars is the literal combustion of all arguments on the topic and meshed into horny paradise of absolutely nothing. Seriously, if you get heated over which overpriced box you can more effectively shoot pixels with before getting bored of it and continue to live on your privilege in ignorance to actual world events, well, fuck. I get heated over cartoons, so I guess we aren´t all that different after all.

Ao Sekai no Chuusin is trashy like your local garbage disposer. Great for rats and Nintendo fucking Tetris over a refrigerator. Imagine having to draw this.

Most iconic moment: Literally nothing. It´s shit.

Sextra credit

One late night meaningless Youtube video binge too much brough me to this video. It´s a hentai, hentai shouldn´t count because all hentai have an unwritten rule of having dubs that save the industry, but damn it, this was just too hilarious to ignore, so who cares.

Sextra Credit tells the story of a Light Yagami reject design and his tale of tormenting (read: rape) his evil female co-workers one by one before establishing some emotional bond with them, because the ladies are understanding of his ass after getting literally getting fucked by him. I honestly don´t know anything else because I´m not a dirty hentai watcher. Who do you think I am.

Most iconic moment: “I feel like my balls are gonna burst from all this fucking.”

School Days


You know, as much fun as I had with this and even though the title is a giant lie because not even I know what I meant by using the word trashy, I´m starting to see blurred lines and I´m laughing at everything with the word penis in it. This is not who I want to be, so I´ll think I´ll end this list with the iconic School Days, which is the one show on this list I can confidently say is trashy as fuck. Like half the population I didn´t actually watch the whole show because my poor unfortunate soul couldn´t handle it, but hey, I watched the ending, which is all that matters when it comes to School Days.

 Most iconic moment: I´d say the nice boat but the internet would kick my ass.


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