Top 7 Spring 2014 Anime Openings & Endings.


For some reason, it feels like, the better the season, the worse the openings and endings. Naturally, this season started out good , but is slowly and steadily making it’s way straight into the trash can with exceptions that are unfortunately  few and far between. The openings and endings, on the other hand, have started to grow on me and are in some cases (See:Captain Earth) my sole purpose for watching the show, anyway.

7. Mahouka Koukou No Retousei OP


I like J-pop with spunk, and that’s exactly what this opening is. Granted, it’s 80% Tatsujesus being a lonewolf and the other 20% his haremettes being exactly what they are, haremettes. Whatever.

6. No Game No Life OP


Colour porn and corny pop song, for one reason or another this opening has grown on me.

5. Captain Earth OP


I dunno man, the entirety of Captain Earth just feels very oldschool to me, the opening is no exception and I sing along to it everytime.

4. Gokukoku No Brynhildr OP


This opening. It’s eerie AF and a bit pathetic when you find out the actual show is shit. Somehow, I can appreciate the lack of obnoxiously cute lyrics, or any lyrics at all.

3. Akuma No Riddle OP


It’s good.

2. Mekaku City Actors ED


Dem feels tho.

1. Kamigami No Asobi ED




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