Top 7 Messed Up Anime.


As dumb as the title sounds and as much as the Misty Chronexias of the ani-vlogger realm like to insist that anything and everything with a little blood and nudity is inherently “messed up, I personally believe that the actual messed up anime are the anime that are little bit out there – the kind of stories you wouldn´t think would get the creative “okay” to be produced. Not the shows aimed at horny tweens loosing their heads over pink haired bishoujos well, loosing their heads. With that said and because my daily views have plunged downwards, here comes my fishbaiting top 7 how-did-this-get-aired anime.

7. GYO – Tokyo Fish Attack!


Gyo is definitely not the most psychologically mortifying anime on this list – heck, it´s not even scary; It´s just really fucking bizzare, and if you´re like me and are scared to death over insects and fish, Gyo – Tokyo Fish Attack! is one hell of a ride covered with sex, and comically grotesque gore. It´s produced by Ufotable (Fate/Stay Night) and the original mangaka is Junji Ito, who´s also the man responsible for some of my nightmares a few years ago with his gross insect horror manga Uzumaki. One way or another, Gyo, for better or worse is a movie to behold.

6. The End Of Evangelion (And Evangelion as a whole who am I kidding)


Going from a show that´s all about the surface, here´s to Evangelion and its sequel film, The End Of Evangelion – a show that wears multiple layers of depression, anxiety and giant robots, how did this show get mainstream?!

Whatever´s the case, everyone and their mothers mother knows about Evangelion and why people call it “messed up”, its kind of a mind trip mixed with all kinds of feelings and emotions, fueled by The End Of Evangelion, which if not interesting, is at least “strange” from every other perspective, I´ll admit I felt 20% more nihilistic after watching it.

5. Cat Soup


Looking at it superficially, Cat Soup – or Nekojirou-Sou – is little more than a trippy little OVA that might have a deeper meaning, but you don´t bother to think about it too hard, because it´s also very, very weird. Or at least, this is what I thought when I watched it for the first time with my 12 year old attention span – Nah, to explain Cat Soup you first have to look into the background of the original mangaka, Chiyomi Hashiguchi and her alcoholic, workaholic and clinically depressed life that eventually led her into commiting suicide in 1998, 31 years old at the time. Her husband and fellow artist of the manga continued the series to this day.

So while I´m not going to analyze this short in this post, I do think it´s interesting to look into the dreams of such a person – conclusion, Cat Soup is not the most visually messed up show on the list, but much like Evangelion holds a deeper, more personal meaning, making it a love letter to life itself.

4. Utsu Musume Sayuri

Here´s a fun thing to do at a party; show all your intoxicated friends this 3 minute one-man animated short and observe the consequences, don´t blame me if they never, ever invite you to do anything with them again, though.

Since Cat Soup was just as bizzare, surely this would have some explanation too, right? well, not really, apparently the director has only ever done this and some cheap ecchi 2007 OVA and Nami.

Alright, I just had to add this one for the laughs. Sorry.

3. Genocyber


Call it trashy sci-fi or call it a grotesque Akira rip-off from the cyberpunk genre, but really, if you ask me why I think Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied are kiddy edgy mess, Genocyber explains why.

Zero substance, painful delivery, a whole lot of fresh guts n´ blood that makes your eyebrows raise – I´ll admit I have only seen 25 minutes of the first OVA, I just didn´t get it. One way or another, they don´t make ´em like this anymore, and it´s a shame, because Genocyber is about as violent and graphic as they come. Seriously, who animated this?!

2.Urotsukidoji – Legend of the Demon Womb


Fun fact, Urotsukidoji is the first ever manga/anime to have a tentacle rape scene – that´s right, that one scene you see in every hentai ever exists thanks to this horror avand-garde series that calls itself erotic.

“There is nothing that arouses a stronger response in human beings than either sex or violence. A mixture of the two is very powerful indeed.” Said Hideki Takayama, director of the OVA, and he´s all kinds of right – this is proven again and again with shows like  Elfen Lied and Mirai Nikki, whose story is just as meh as this one, but at least Urotsukidoji has the balls to go full out guts and blood and porn in the non-edited version, then again, Mirai Nikki is aimed at horny tweens while this was aimed at horny hentai people.

1. Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show


You know something´s up when a film is banned in Japan of all places, and God damn, is Mr Arashi´s Amazing Freakshow messed up.

Many scenes from the film are considered lost after being considered illegal and seized by Japan at the time, director Hiroshi Harada spent all his life savings after getting rejected by sponsors to create the film by himself, over 5000 animation sheets were used in production, taking 5 years to complete, interestingly, this director later worked for ecchi trash like Ikkitousen.

I don´t even know what to say; Freakshow is really that, a sad, tragic grotesque and erotic freakshow with puppy soup and rape included. If you want to watch it, well, good luck finding it complete, it´s a tough adventure.


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