Top 50 Anime Openings & Endings In The History Of Ever; 50 – 40.

thidSo 2013 flew past us in what felt like a month or two rather than twelve. I gotta say this year was pretty chill overal; Christmas is right around the corner and after that it’s time for New Year. My God does time fly.

It has been maybe three years since I’ve been an anime fan, and out of boredom and too much time on my hands, I compiled a list of the best Openings and Endings for your hearing pleasure; I have not seen every anime in the existence of ever so if you disagree with my list, well;

Merry Christmas!

50) Code Geass 1st Opening

I’m gonna go right ahead and say it; I was very confused when I saw this on everyone’s and their mother’s top-whatever-opening and ending list. But while I was brainstorming over my list, I just could not bring myself to not put anything Code Geass related; just for the sake of it being Code Geass, which simuntaneously kicks ass.


49) Deadman Wonderland Opening

Unlike the anime, the opening to Deadman Wonderland is anything but a let-down, kind-of giving the impression that we’re up for one hell badass show. Hm, weird.


48)Diabolik Lovers Opening

Relatively new but it needs no explanation. The opening to Dialovers may or may not be here for Ayato’s whispers alone. Cheers.



47)Zetsuen No Tempest 1st Opening

“Make now your ally, if you don’t trust the future continue with that force.” For some reason I couldn’t find the actual opening to this underrated anime, which is a shame because it is awesome. I guess we’ll just have to deal with the whole song.



46) Otori Monogatari Opening

Any monogatari opening could have been here to be honest. This one just struck me as appropiate.



45) Pandora Hears 1st Opening

I don’t know why this is in my top 50 I really don’t I am sorry.



44) Uta No Prince Sama 2000% LOVE Opening

 I’m a fan of the music in Utapri, but this opening just seems kinda cool, you know, compared to the ending.


43) Death Note 1st Opening

I don’t know if it’s the images, the music or the fuck it it’s death note factor, either way, the music in Death Note is beyond awesome.



42) Vampire Knight Guilty Opening

While  the show itself is an embarasment to the manga series, this song has been in my head for the past few days and it refuses to leave.



41) Pokemon 1st Opening

Do I even have to give a reason?



40) Kuroshitsuji 2nd Opening

While the second opening of the second season is alot better, try and tell me that you aren´t temped to check this out after this song. Also it´s GazettE so bonus poins for that.


And that wraps it up for today´s list! Tommorow I´ll post the second part! Take this list with a grain of salt and have a lovely, lovely Christmas! Cheers.


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