Top 50 Anime Openings & Endings In The History Of Ever; 30 – 20.

???????????????????????????????????????How’s that bunch of manga you got for Christmas going? Mine didn’t arrive yet, unfortunately, watch them arrive in mid-summer, sigh.

I don’t have anything to say apart from expressing my dissapointment of the fact that we are in December and I’m still walking around without socks, but strangely and interestingly my hands are cold. I am conflicted.

Hopefully you’re coping with the cold or the warmth depending on your whereabouts, because I don’t think I am.

Oh well, let’s get this on.

 29) Sailor Moon English Opening

“From a far away place and time, Earth’s greatest adventure is about to begin.” Oh how true those words are, for the 2014 reboot they better keep this opening or I will feel betrayed.


28) Nana 1st Opening

Yes NANA Is my most favourite animemanga in the history of ever. Didn’t I tell you to expect alot of Nana on here?


27) Paradise Kiss Ending

Ahh. Sigh.


26) Cowboy Bebop 1st Opening

 Obligatory Cowboy Bebop in three, two, one…


25)Toradora 1st Opening



24)Kanon 2006 Opening

The vocals are very important to me.


23) Texhnolyze 1st Opening

“If there’s anything you want, anything at all, come to me. I’m your guardian Angel.”


22)Durarara!! 1st Opening

 I couldn’t use the actual video for some Goforsaken reason, but we all know what I’m talking about right?


21) Higurashi 1st Opening

Higurashi as a whole is kind of jarring and weird, just like it’s 1st opening;


20) Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui 1st Opening

Never skipped the opening to this. Jesus Christ YES.


Yaaay! we’re almost on the top 20, and before you know it on the top 10 so you can call bullshit on the entire list. Have a lovely day.


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