Top 5 Dubbed Anime That Do Not End With “Bebop” or “Champloo.”

lelouchThis is a best of dubbed list that does not include Cowboy Bebop. I whisper, as everyone clicks this blog away in disgust.

Nah, I expect a little bit more from the people that can keep up with my pretentious writing style. And as the neverending battle of distress between Dub and Sub is now more popular than ever, a little peace and appreciation for both won´t do any wrong.

I salute you and present to you my personal top 5 dubbed anime that I have ever seen. I insist that I have not watched every single dubbed anime out there, so please leave your bitching at the door because mama got no time for that.


While the series itself leaves alot to be desired, (Okay, okay, I haven´t finished it. But we´ll get back to that later) the dub is amazing. Maybe because it´s one of the few show where the females don´t have an unnatural high pitch of voice. Happy yay yay and shoutout to the Steins;Gate fans, I suppose.

4.Code Geass

Oh what a fantastic anime! What a story! what a development! What a twist! What a Lelouch!

Is it fair to put this on number four when all the credit is due to the voice actor of Lelouch? I´m not sure. But I´m doing it anyway. From what I remember, the dub does indeed have the annoyingly unnatural high-pitch problem I was talking about earlier, but regardless, I love it!


3.Ouran Highschool Host Club/Black Butler.

I´m cheating and I´m sorry. But I couldn´t bring it over my heart to leave either of these titles out of the game. Regardless, Ouran won over Black Butler because of Haruhi and the hilarious and credible act of the other senpais…. but, still, you have got to give the British Sebastian some kind of credit. Because, dang boy.

2.Death Note

Oh everloving Death Note, how iconic you have become. I will take a step back and confess that Near´s english voice actor kept me from punching every Near cosplayer I´ve ever seen. Same goes for everyone else I guess.

3.Black lagoon

How unsurprised are you and do I really have to give any reasons?


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