Top 5 Anime That Are Not Actually Set In Highschool.

urlI personally think that the key to enjoying any kind of medium or any kind of thing is to have an open mind.

That person next to you in the subway that doesn’t look like your kind of person, well whattaya know? She’s kind, witty, sarcastic and she even likes Hannibal. Who would have guessed?

Similarly, getting stuck in a single genre of anime isn’t anything out of this world, and is it our fault? I don’t think it is. Every season comes with it’s fantastic shows,and some may even bet set in some Alternate Universe where your entire life isn’t focused around going to school and have a trip to the beach.

Now, these shows aren’t bad, and I will even write up a similar list with my top five highschool shows. But for now, here is a list for those tired of short skirts and alot of blushing, five titles that you probably have seen (or not) that are not set in higschool.

Broaden your horizons, comrade!

1. Psycho-Pass


Quick synopsis; In a future not far away, a system known as the psycho-pass is established; a system that is able to tell a persons state of mind and wheter heshe has a chance of becoming a criminal. Enter the Enforcement Division. A team of criminals fighting criminals, while being completely vulnerable to their boss, who is allowed to kill them at any time… but, is this really how society should work? Shinya Kougami starts asking this to herself as she walks further as she get more and more involved in the cases she and her team are assigned to.

Psycho Pass is written and directed by the one and only Gen Urubuchi, A.K.A Moe destroyer while simuntaneously destroying souls with, most notably; Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Needless to say that Psycho-Pass has no issues at all in going to places not everyone likes to go. But, in the end, it paid off; Giving us an exceptional series whose only flaw is the ending, but this “flaw” is quickly resolved with a season 2 and a movie announcement. I can´t think of too many people that didn´t like this show, and seeing that I adored it, I think you should watch it.

 2) NANA


Quick synopsis; Two girls with the same name but different pasts meet on the train to Tokyo, one Nana is there to be with her boyfriend, the other Nana is there to be closer to her dreams of becoming a punk singer. Laughs, tears and alot of feelings ensue.

Here I´ll let you in on a little secret of mine; NANA is one of, if not my most favourite anime/manga in the history of ever. It´s cool, it´s real, it´s Goshdarnit amazing. Why? Well son, for anime, a soap opera-esque setup like this is a first. Now, dripping with class and cool? Hell, I have yet to see a show that excecutes anything as well as this one. Sure, a little melodramatic at times, but by that time you´ve grown so attached to each of the characters that it´s only purpose is to make you feel like shit and afterwards realize how good it was in every aspect; Pace, comedy, setup, characters, animation and music.

Oh Ai Yazawa, how Godly you are; First ParaKiss and now this?

3) Shingeki No Kyojin


 Does this even needs a synopsis or explanation really? Alright, alright,  let´s objectively be non-objective and get the praises out of the window; Jesus Christ the intensity of all of this. Amazing. AOT´s and you can´t tell me otherwise (Unless you tell me Free!, in that case, I´ll listen.)

No but seriously, while the pace and animation are the most inconsistent thing I have yet to see in anime, Shingeki No Kyojin is truly a gem that deserves every bit of it´s hype, even with the almost-unforgivable Trost arc.

4) Death Note


In my town, there is one anime that everyone, their mother and their cousin know; Death Note. I´m not even kidding, people you never tought even knew the medium are infatuated with it. I believe a synopsis is unnecessary, but unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, have a foggy memory about that serie you once watched or have simply not yet been exposed to the anime that got me into anime; Here it is;

The person whose name is written in this notebook will die.”

Yup, that´s it. That´s my synopsis. Just go watch it or re-watch it God damnit.

5) Black Lagoon


Victim of a hijacking, by-the-book Okajima Rokuro is taken captive by the mercenaries of the Black Lagoon. Complications ensue, and Okajima Rokuro finds himself leaving his correct life behind to indulge in the dangerous world of pirates, mafia, neo-nazis, crazy ass priests and ultimately the dangerous world of Revy “Two-Hands”

You will never find an anime so anti-moe than this one. While maybe the least thought provoking show of the list, Black Lagoon is a riot of a serie that is so amazing and original character-wise that I have yet to find someone who didn´t like it. If you like guns, watch it. If you like girl with guns. Watch it. If you like entertainment, watch it too.

And thus I finish my list of amazing anime that are not K-on or Code Geass, cheers! Have a nice day, a pleasurable evening and a fantastic night.


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