Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Promo + Tokyo Ghoul:re Preview.

In a reveal that exactly everyone expected, it has been confirmed that the ´shocking new´ series of mangaka Sui Ishida is in fact a sequel to Tokyo Ghoul. I´m seriously curious as to why this big reveal is so relevant, I mean, dude, couldn´t you just go on with the series and announce part two from the get-go?Was pissing off the fans really necessary in your strategy?  Hm, I was looking up to you, too, man.

Sure, maybe it´s about different characters, or maybe it´s not. The point is that this was a total marketing trick and somehow, it worked. See the preview of the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga here.

Personally, I´m cool with the sequel of both the manga and the anime. I mean, I liked the series, and if the second season is half as good as that gobsmackingly gorgeous last episode was, woah, sign me up.


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Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Promo + Tokyo Ghoul:re Preview. , 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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