To Be Hero and Cheating Craft Episode 1 – Trigger Is Shaking.

to be hero

I didn’t know we were getting One Punch Man season two this quickly after its announcement, wow!

It’s as if Haoliners Animation League sneaked into the TRIGGER office and stole all the rough drafts and animated them.

Get this – there’s a Casanova father who visits the stripclub every day to the great anger of his daughter, he’s a toilet designer, and one day he gets literally Flushed Away™ and transforms into a slobby, chunky superhero man who looks like you or your single neighbour. His goal is to win the respect of his daughter, because she’s the only one he really cares about.

Okay, did you think about it? Good. Now listen to this – in a world where exam results determine your status for the rest of your lives, students around the world band together and against each other to engage in a battle royale in the classroom to knock each other out. Moreover, they also invent different techniques to cheat on their exams – like shooting your professor asleep to cheat off the smart kid.

These are the two twelve minute shows Haoliners Animation League, a Chinese-Japanese collaboration studio, have given us this season. The former called To Be Hero and the latter being Cheating Craft.

So they’re something else. To Be Hero clearly being a borderline parody of One Punch Man and I expected macho-manly-man humour, but got something reminiscent of Detroit Metal City and Cromartie Highschool instead. It’s crude and dirty and it’s really stupid. If you surf through the fetish porn tag on XHamster sometimes then you might like To Be Hero. I don’t usually search through the fetish porn tag, but I guess it’s cool – others will appreciate it more than I do.

The best part of the episode for me was when our superhero hit the villain with the chancla. Long live representation.

Cheating Craft

From the same people who brought you Shit Jokes the Animation, we get Cheating Craft. Which is about, well, cheating. Bringing you the most mundane situation and giving it the most extra, dramatic opening of all time.

It’s almost like they Googled “anime characters” and drew them step-by-step looking at a Devianart tutorial. Kind of like the characters from Nanbaka, actually, except that one was drawn by a fujoshi, and this one wasn’t. The difference is that here our main character is ginger and gingers have no soul which is why he cheats on his exams.

Either way, the entire episode is just narration. It’s good narration, but there’s not one conversation during the entire twelve minutes. Which doesn’t really matter because you’re just asking yourself why we saw Pokemon in the beginning of the episode and then reconsidering your school life and wondering why you didn’t taser your teacher, too.

You know. As I said. It’s some shit Trigger would do, it’s getting decent reviews and I personally thought it was okay. I probably won’t finish either shows – but it was okay.



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