Thoughts on Samurai Flamenco Episode 19; Hidenori Goto? More Like Hidenori GotNO.


Maybe it’s a little bit pointless and a little bit weird for me to start doing episode reviewsthoughts (something I initially thought I would never do) this late in the game; But fuck the system, I’ll be a little internet rebel for now.

So as we have three more episodes to go, light is put on the mystery of Goto and his supposed girlfriend… or atleast, that is what it wants us to believe; I mean, yeah sure, his girlfriend has been missing for 4-5 years, but she was never confirmed as dead, right?

Hey, this might just be me, but I think that bringing back the missing girlfriend would be a very Samurai Flamenco thing to do; Especially what with the ending of the episode.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought the kid at the end was just a brat, albeit an obnoxious one; Just to find out it’s actually one of the “delinquent” kids who were beating up Masayoshi way back in episode 1…which, for me, confirms that there is one more trick they haven’t pulled; And I am still stubborn on the theory that Masayoshi is not entirely 100% okay in the head.

At this point, things are still going as I suspected them to go (Sorta) but then again, maybe Samurai Flamenco really isn’t as deep as we think.

Overal, it was good episode, I guess. What did you think about it, and what is your theory on the ending?


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