The Wonderfully Extra Fall Season Anime Preview – The Homosexual Propaganda.

 Where the summer season gave us pretty boys doing sports, the fall season promises ugly boys playing american football and two guys called yuri on ice. The lesbian moe version of Yowamushi Pedal and last but not least, the sportiest sports anime of them all – university girls doing underground butt and boob wrestling to get out of debt. Let’s take a detailed look at the season.

March Comes in like a Lion

Studio: Shaft (Madoka Magica, Bakemonogatari)
Director: Who else but Akiyuki Shinbo let’s be real.

The match is unlikely and so far it’s a written recipe for disaster, but Shaft still pulls through adapting a family drama which reminds me of Wolfs Children (and I’m saying that not having read or watched either) – regardless, it’s an interesting choice from the ‘artistic-n-edgy’ masters themselves. I’m not looking forward to it.

Not because I hold anything against Shaft, but mostly because I can’t watch shows where the drama revolves around a family no matter how acclaimed it is. It’s the reason I haven’t watched a single Ghilbi movie and also why Bunny Drop makes me want to kill myself just by looking at the poster – Shaft won’t go crazy with this, they can’t afford to do so with a title which already has a fanbase.


Ajin 2

Studio: Polygon Pictures  (Transformers Revolution, Ajin)
Director: Hiroaki Ando (Ajin, Gambo)

Sequel of that CGI show which was apparently Ok™.


All Out!!

Studio: Madhouse (Black Lagoon, Death Note)
Director: Kenichi Shimizu (Parasyte and animation director for virtually every anime ever)

Gion Kenji is short and perpetually pissed off about it. Take the name out and play ‘guess the anime’ and everyone will be tripping over themselves naming, uh, every anime ever. So why should we care about a football anime when we already have the legendary Inazuma Eleven and Galactik Football? It’s Madhouse. Madhouse makes good looking shit (usually). Most of us like good looking shit (usually).

It might be a massive hit because it doesn’t have pretty bishonen to steal the show but it might also be a massive flop because it doesn’t have pretty bishonen to steal the show. Madhouse is good at making ugly so with the standard sport fanbase eliminated, who’s to stay to watch it? I’ll give it a try.

(I’ve just found out it’s rugby but I’m keeping my joke in idc)




Studio: Creators in Pack TOKYO.
Director: .

Bloodivores as in, as in carnivores? Oh, that’s funny. But it gets funnier because listen to this: Humanity is struck  by an insomnia epidemic and people stay awake for an entire week – coffee stocks rising through the roof, x amount of people have gone cuckoo with the lack of sleep, so a medicine is produced. The gist? they turn into vampires, people kill the vampires even though they produced the medicine in the first place, and a couple of vampires still room around, uh, Japan. Interested? Me neither, but the fact that Creators in Pack TOKYO is producing it might turn you on a little more because they did the backgrounds for Rail Wars and literally nothing else.



Studio: Sunrise (Code Geass, Gundam)
Director: Yoichi Fujita (Gintama)

You know what would be super dope? an anime version of Midnight in Paris. ClassicaLoid might be that on LSD and a fuckton of mechas named after musicians like Bethooven and Mozart and Bach because this is Sunrise and from my memory, the first show in a long time they seem to – slightly – care about. But what would I know? It’s colourful.


Studio: Hoods Studio (Aki Sora, Fantasia Doll)
Director: Kenichi Suzuki (idk man look it up)

So we get to Drifters. Not from an unpopular manga and with an ok internet rep which, and don’t kill me for saying this, feels like a mix between Hellsing aesthetics and Shingeki no Kyojin adventure aka I guess it will be fun for people who want to reminisce about the good ol’ animoo days where according to them the edgiest best-iest shit came out all at once. The preview really looks like it should have come out in 2005 back when dramatic AMV’s with Breaking Benjamin playing in the background were at their peak, kind of like Mappa’s Ushio to Tora but hey, I’m not complaining. Though all of this is mainly due to the fact that the actual Hellsing creator also birthed this one out.

Hype and personal expectation aside, I’m glad shows like these exist for diversity’s sake.


Flip Flappers

Studio: Studio 3Hz (Dimension W, Celestial Method)
Director: Kiyotaka Oshiyama

Objectively the cutest anime to air this season with some pretty ok aesthetics to swerve it through with lesbian-ness and basic colours. Nobody actually cares.


Fune wo Amu

Studio: ZEXCS (DC Da Capo, Trinity Blood)
Director: Toshimasa Kuroyanagi (Say I Love You)

Finally a show I can gladly, excitedly and happily talk good about – being part of the NoitaminA block doesn’t say a whole lot nowadays, but at the very least it allows studios bound to fanservice to branch out of it. Fune wo Amu has a lot going for it for people like me. For one, it’s been adapted into an Oscar-nominated movie, and it has pretty men in a day-to-day adult setting which sets it apart from everything else this season and seats it right next to Genroku in the (hopefully) josei holy trinity of 2016. Coming from studio ZEXCS I’m a little skeptical, but with the back up of NoitaminA I’ll carefully look out for it.


Girlish Number

Studio: Diomedea (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun, Mayoiga)
Director: Shota Ibata 

A story about a college girl trying to become a seiyuu. This could’ve been a naturalistic story about the struggles of life and the crushing of dreams, this could’ve been a soap opera-esque drama a lá Nana and gripple the hearts of every housewife watching, this could’ve been something else, but instead it’s like everything else and no, I’m not mad, my expectations never went there, anyway, but now that I thought about it, it’d be cool to see a serious take on this concept, so far Shirobako is all we got.


Haikyuu season 3

Studio: Production IG (Kuroko no Basket, Psycho-pass)

No offense but I totally stopped watching mid-season 2.


Hibike Euphonium season 2

Studio: Kyoani (Tamako Market, Free!)
Director: Tatsuya Ishihara (Air, Nichijou)

lesbians r cool


Idol Memories

Studio: Seven Arcs (Trinity Seven, Sekirei)
Director: Katsuya Kikuchi ()

I promise you all that I almost skipped over this because I thought it was another Idolmaster or Love Live spin-off. Turns out it’s the same shit but in space and while idols perfoming on Uranus should be iconic, Symphogear already did it so there’s nothing left for a show with a creative title like Idol Memories to catch my attention.



Studio: Xebec (Love Hina, To Love Ru)
Director: ()

Keijo is excited to be here and shows it not by having one, two or three exclamation points, but eight (I counted) and by the looks of it we’ve found the Meme of the Season because nothing screams /a/ more than girls butt-n-titty wrestling with one another in order to pay off their striking debt. This is what will make America great again. This is the solution to student loans.

And it also reminds me of the japanese idol group Margarines who need to sell 10k albums to pay off their debts:



Long Riders

Studio: Actas (Girls und Panzer, Switch)
Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara (Monster Musume, Yatterman)

Bike fucker falls in love with bike and saves up to buy it – it’s basically the healthy K-on with worse aesthetics and gives you more reasons not to leave your house into the wilderness. If these girls ride their bikes around town and don’t have their Pokemon Go app on while they’re doing it, it’s unrealistic trash 0/10 if they’re college students then so am I.


Lostorage Incited WIXOSS

Studio: J.C Staff (Shokugeki no Souma, Toradora)
Director: Katsushi Sakurabi (Kamisama no Memochou, Flying Witch)

Lordy lord oh lord when will it end


Luger Code 1951

Studio: Studio DEEN (Super Lovers, Genroku)
Director: Shinya Takahashi ()

It’s as if DEEN needs to make five bad shows for every good show they make. It’s in their contract. It’s in their nature. Genroku blessed every lover of good storytelling and it seems like Luger Code 1951 is here to do the exact opposite in a show that apparently is about werewolves and the Cold War. Which you know, should work, it doesn’t.


Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Studio: Lerche (Assessination Classroom, Monster Musume)
Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto ()

Everyone who wants to be one, gets the chance to become a magical girl – and then get fucked over when the administration announces they need to cut the number by half and a magical girl race to the literal death ensues. I was tempted to ignore this one till I actually read the description, and as I expected, found out these are the people behind that one cute-quickly-creepy zombie anime Gakkougurashi from a while back – I didn’t give it a chance back then, but that makes me feel more inclined to watch this, because a magical girl battle to the death sounds lit.


So far no show really screams out success and hype for me, what do you guys think?

Read part two here.



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