The Unfunny & Tasteless Chronicles of Detroit Metal City

1299280003_zero-raws-detroit-metal-city-02-raw-wowow-1280x720-x264-aac.mp4_snapshot_05.12_2011.03.05_08.56.35(Spoiler: Pointless post ahead)

(Disclaimer: Water is wet)

So. I watched anime this weekend; And one of the shows I watched was DMC, A.K.A: Detroit Metal City.

DMC is an anime that can challenge the likes of Black Lagoon over how many times you hear “fuck” “cunt” and “rape.”

Granted; It’s one of the most tasteless and shameless anime I have ever watched; But when DMC is not busy making rape jokes; It’s actually kind of funny in a shameless kind of way.

Let me elaborate:Souichi is a wishy-washy goody-two-shoes boy who graduated from highschool and thereafter moved to Tokyo (or was it Shibuya?) To turn his dreams of becoming a Swedish (yeah.) pop idol in a reality.

Unfortunately for Souichi and to the hilarity of the viewer; Things didn’t really work out for him, and instead he finds himself as Krauser ||, the leader of death-metal band “Detroit Metal City” where he spends his days singing about raping his parents after he killed them, spanking an old overweight man that’s  the ” pig of capitalism” and ultimately getting abused by his foul-mouthed sexually-frustrated lady manager; All while trying to have a relationship with his sweetheart Aikawa.

DMC is a 12-episode 13-minute anime that begs the question of why this got choosen to get animated.

I could complain about never-ending repetitive and tasteless “jokes” DMC makes; But I won’t. I mean; It’s vulgar, it’s offensive, it’s not moe or reverse harem; And the first episode makes it pretty clear that if you didn’t like what you see, you might aswell get off the train before Krauser || comes after you.

Did I enjoy DMC?

Uh, kinda? It’s so different to the things I’m used to seeing in anime (You saw my pantsu?! BAKA!) while it also has all the things I dislike about western entertainment. It’s a little conflicting. But all in all, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time; Even if it’s just for the lady manager.


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