The Top 5 Openings & Endings Of Fall 2013.

I´m just going to go out of my way to remind you that I have not seen every single anime opening and ending of this season. I reckon that this is the season where I have picked up the least amout of series in a while.

Still, I feel morally obligated to do this, because, for what it´s worth, this season did come with some bombastic songs and animation sequences.

5. Copppelion OP, Angela – Angel

Unlike the anime, the opening is flawless and I dare you to say any different.

2. Nagi No Asukara ED, Nagi Yanagi – Aqua Terranium.

I literally could not find the legit ending with working audio. Either way, the animation and the music in this show is and sounds awfully pretty and mellow.

3. Kill La Kill ED, Orchestral Ver.

Alright, I´m cheating. But let´s get real. This sounds awesome.

2. Kyoukai No Kanata ED, Stereo Drive – Daisy


1. Diabolik Lovers OP, De Rejet – Mr.Sophistic Night.

Sexy whispers have never been so sexy. Bad shows have never had music this good. I recommend you listen to the full song because that is just amazing.

Well that´s basically it. I considered putting the Golden Time ED and the Log Horizon OP but then I noped and I didn´t. Oh well.


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The Top 5 Openings & Endings Of Fall 2013., 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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