The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Winter 2014 “First” Impressions. D-Frag!.

D-Frag-Essential-09After Nobunagun and Nobunaga The Fool have succesfully left me exhausted with complaints and anger, Tuesday came and with it it brought 15 of the anime Jesus of this season.

Clearly, I’m talking about D-frag.

My God, this show is beyond awesome. So if you like Medaka of Medaka Box done right, comedy done weirdly and common sense done by not doing it at all, I confirm that D-Frag is the anime of the  season for you.

Some may argue that the “bunch of girls surround a single guy and harass him for 12 episodes” card has been played way to often. Of course I agree, but I don’t agree with the people that say D-frag! is playing the afromentioned card.

To be honest with ya, for the three episodes that have aired, or main character plays a more observant and neutral role, and it’s not like the girls dedicate their livehood to punching him with every chance they get.

It’s actually kind of lighthearted, I think, in that aspect; Even if the comedy is ridiculous.

Having said that, D-Frag! is definitely one of my favourites of the season; It’s funny (for me) it doesn’t ride on a single joke for too long, it has fun characters and it’s not pretentious.

If it sounds like you could be into this kind of thing, please give it a chance just like I did.




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