The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom Spring 2015 “First” Impressions. [Part 1]


Despite me dissapearing off the face of the earth for the past two weeks, I have been kind of keeping up with most (but not all) shows of this season; now I´m just trying to get into my old routine and catch up on everything, regardless, I´m too out of it to actually do a first impression post for every show this season, ´cause damn, this season is packed to the limit and for the first time in forever, I think I´m enjoying everything I´m watching. Everything, from problematic yaoi shows to the latest greatest Key adaptation and trashy but enjoyable raunch-fests with uncensored nipples.


Charlotte not what I expected it to be, but it´s what I wanted it to be – I haven´t been shy in expressing my opinion over Kyoani taking their hands off of anything Key related, I was salty, and even though I liked Angel Beats, Little Busters was like the date that never showed up and left me hanging with a bouquet of roses and chocolate. Charlotte, this time produced by P.A Works, who previously worked on the afromentioned Angel Beats, know what they´re doing, and know what makes Key anime stand on the pedestal they´re on – it´s a clean mix of comedy and heartwrenching drama, the contrast between the happy and extremely sad. Clannad and Kanon did this, to some extent Air did this, and hey, Angel Beats also did it, I feel like Charlotte can stand loud and proud next to these titles even with only three episodes on the road, I´m very pleasantly surprised, because it´s classic Key, and as cynical as I am, every one of these shows had me bawling like a baby.

As far as production goes, the quality is without a doubt so much superior to its trailer – I still think it´s not P.A Works at its best, but it´s a notch above average for sure. I´m expecting this to fuck with our feelings soon, fast and hard.


Speaking of things I´m not shy about, my love for Gangsta and my overkill hype for it was also something I promoted with a loudspeaker whenever and wherever I could; I don´t regret it, but suddenly I´m a bit embarrassed, because Gangsta isn´t all that what I hoped it would be.

Don´t get me wrong, I still really, really like the show and it´s probably in my top 5 of the season, but I´m missing everything I wanted from it, which is balls off the walls fabtastic action and relationship development between these handymen and the prostitute, a bit like Black Lagoon. We aren´t getting this though, so far, and as of episode 4 Gangsta really doesn´t seem to be anything special or anything we haven´t seen before, I actually think it´s a bit vanilla and on the soft side for a story about gangsters – the main trio is still fun, but not fun in the sense of “wow, these guys are humane and complicated.” I didn´t think I´d say this, but rather than compare it to Black Lagoon, I´d compare it to Black Butler and the like.


As for things we have definitely seen before but absolutely did not expect to re-appear again, MAPPA storms in once again with Ushio to Tora, a by-the-book shonen from the  90s which will take you back to the days where you´d plop on the couch after school and watch TV. MAPPA has made no efforts to modernize its look or appeal like Madhouse has done with Parasyte, I kind of appreciate that – Ushio to Tora is an anime to fill you up with nostalgia and relive the simpler times, or at least, this and my being faithful to MAPPA is basically the only reason I´m watching this. It´s as textbook as it gets, but hey, t´is alright.


I think the first episode of Durarara!!xTen might be one of my favourite episodes of the whole entire Durarara!! series, there was something satisfying about seeing Izaya in a hosptial bed trying to screw with everyone. I´ve always been a fan of this series, and some might argue with me saying that nothing happens – I don´t disagree, but truthfully, Durarara!! has a way of making so many things happen at once while simuntaneously making it feel like nothing is happening at all – surely nothing has really progressed, we´ve only introduced more plot points and characters, but if these three cours play the rules of storytelling and devide it by introduction/knot/ending we´re up to some good stuff.

Anyways, I enjoy Durarara!! just like I enjoy Monogatari – we just don´t get them like this anymore, so I´ll enjoy it while it lasts.


This season is quite the raunch-fest, and in the hierarchy of raunchy-ness, I believe Okusama ga Seitou Kaichou – an anime I was initially completely and utterly uninterested in – holds its own – it´s without a doubt the most explicit anime of the season, vibrators, uncensored nipples and all.

Okusama ga Seito Kaichou is a bit like Mangaka-san to Assisstant-san, it´s short and sweet, completely inmature and total guilty pleasure material, I didn´t expect to like this as much as I do, but it´s without a doubt a highlight of the season despite only being 8 minutes long – a perfect run time for a show like this, because I don´t feel like I´m wasting my life on anime titties.


Continuing the raunch-fest, A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn´t Exist (I remembered that without looking it up, woah) is strangely real and smart, you could call it a social commentary, or laugh at the people calling it that for being pretentious and enjoy it for its dirty jokes instead, whichever it is, Shimoneta is the show to talk about this season, and I don´t think anyone could´ve predicted that. I enjoy it, I enjoy it a lot and the main character should be the new poster girl for anime, Haruhi Suzumiya who?

Apart from showing us a hypothetical future where censorship laws and the shunning of everything sex-related has ignorance as a consequence, it tells us that there´s nothing weird about sex, and that being educated and open about the subject should be necessary, or we´ll have a generation of people who don´t even know how babies are made or what´s between their legs – I think it´s an interesting topic to look into and think about, especially for places like East Asia.


Game of Laplace has the best opening of the season, of the year, of last year, of a very long time, and that´s about where my praises for this show end. I didn´t expect a lot in the first place, but the first episode was actually kind of okay, despite the painful anime tropes which I´m sure the long-lost author himself didn´t really want to see in his works, or the fact it could be renamed to No Homo: The Animation, I liked the main detective, and hey, the trap main character isn´t that awful either, but everything is so textbook mystery it hurts, there´s no energy or tension for people who aren´t diehard fans of the genre, and there´s just not enough happening for me to honestly give a crap. Despite that, I´ll continue watching it, even if it´s just for the opening and the random spurrs of great.


I have a big problem with Junjou Romantica, but in the end I´m yaoi-loving trash and despite all my morals, I´m watching the third season of this offensive piece of fiction and loving it – it´s a total guilty pleasure and it´s terrible. Honestly, everything is exactly the same, the story is progressing and the only thing that has changed quality-wise is the video quality, the animation is just the same, the proportions are forever questionable and more than anything, the relationships are still a dumb game of cat, mouse and the hopeless tsundere and borderline criminal seme. I´d much rather have a whole new adaptation of a respectable series, or a second season of Love Stage, or even Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Now I haven´t caught up with everything yet, so I´ll catch up and write the second part – I spent two great, lazy weeks with my bestfriend who lives on the other side of the continent, it was a great time, I love her a lot and Finnish snacks are great, though I won´t pretend I was getting urges to write or draw or be productive every now and then, now I´m filled with energy and I´m prepared to spend the rest of Summer holidays locked inside and working on my life. Cheers.

If you give a shit ( I wouldn´t) I just started using Twitter, so if you want to hear (or read more like) my uncensored, tumblr-y on the rush thoughts on shows, here it is and maybe we can fanboy or fangirl together, it´s a lonely life:



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