The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom Spring 2015 “First” Impressions: Hibike! Euphonium.

439Hibike Euphonium is the result of a smoothie with K-on!  as the basis ingredient, Free! as the second ingredient and Hyoka as an extra topping – what I mean by this is that there´s a lot of coming of age, a lot of fluff and, most importantly, a lot of gay undertones. Don´t you just love Kyoani?

With that said, I really, really freakin´ love the afromentioned shows – K-on! was just entertaining, Free! gave me all the feels and physical leg jerking and legit smiles from ear to ear and Hyouka´s characters just stole the show –  I knew I was going to like Hibike Euphonium, and I´m not at all dissapointed, I´m actually quite surprised.

While K-on was pure fluff with as much emotional substance as a cardboard box, Free! had plenty of that, it wasn´t quite a coming of age story, but it was getting pretty damn close – Hibike Euphonium on the other hand gives us the best of both worlds told from the perspective of a Haru-like protagonist who just doesn´t care. No, really, she just doesn´t care.

Basically, if Haru from Free! were a girl and was put in a K-on! universe with 20% more dicks and different instruments, that´d be Hibike, granted, they both have about as much music.

Hibike Euphonium is good, as good as every other seasonal Kyoani show and right under their iconic masterpieces a lá Haruhi Suzumiya and Clannad – if you like Kyoani, you´ll like Hibike.

I´d be surprised if this doesn´t end up in my top 5 of the season.


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The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom Spring 2015 “First” Impressions: Hibike! Euphonium., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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