The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Spring 2014 “First” Impressions. Captain Earth.


And here comes the first dissapointment of the Spring season: Captain Earth.

Allegdy being the most hyped anime of the season and it being BONES, it’s fair to say that I was kind of excited for this show that’s effectively done by the exact same team that did the fabulous clusterfuck that was Star Driver.

And man, is this show dripping of that:Star Driver, except that this one actually take itself seriously.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I really don’t hate Captain Earth, but it’s a tad bit overwhelming. For now almost nothing makes sense, and I don’t mean in plot, I mean the character’s behaviour.

It’s flashy, the animation is superb and the momentum is definitely there, but by the end of the day, it falls kind of flat on it’s face with it’s nonsense and tyring antics (Yes, I say it’s tyring and we’re only on episode 3, this is not a good thing.)

I will watch it for now, but unless it picks up very soon I foresee myself dropping this, ’cause the budget and Teppei alone is not enough for me to keep up with Star Driver 2.0.



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