The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom; Fall 2013 “First” Impressions. Samurai Flamenco.

6sColour yourself surprised when I say it isn’t a certain silly show about meganes that replaced my wednesday’s bishonen crave of last season, but instead it’s an even sillier show about a superhero, a cop, Kamen Rider and male models that does this.

From the director of Durarara!! and Baccano!, Takahiro Omori does what he does best, and for once, directs a serie with a title that doesn’t take the philosophers of the anime community to decipher it’s meaning. Thanks a bunch, Omori.

5s  What I said in the embarassing former paragraph about SamuNeco replacing Free! was obviously a joke in bad taste, though it isn’t an entire lie either, I mean, damn, Hazama, how you doing?

Produced by Manglobe (Samurai Champloo, Karneval, Deadman Wonderland.), Samurai Flamenco tells the ambitious  tale of Masayoshi Hazama, a male model who, unlike his peers, kept up with his dream of becoming a superhero, and thus operates as the Samurai Flamenco at night to keep the citizens safe!

… or atleast, that’s what he believes. After being found naked on the ground by police officer Hidenori Goto, a skeptical few episodes insue that made me ask, yeah, when did we stop believing in the power of superheros? just to be smacked on the ground by the cynical police officer, why should we? in the end, we have our own life to care about, right?

Samurai Flamenco is possibly the most satisfying anime of the season. Everything it does, it does pretty damn well.

Very reminiscent of Durarara!! when it comes to proportions, the characters are lovable and somewhat refreshing, the animation is good and so is the sound.

Now, I can’t guarantee that everyone is going to love this; It really does lack action, and it likes to take things easy. Granted, alot happened in a span of three episodes, 19 more to come, so set where we are, what will happen in the next few episodes?

I would recommend checking this out, at least.

And with this, I wrap up the Fall 2013 first impressions until a certain incestuous cannibal onii-chan nope anime comes out, I will be writing up other silly anime related shenanigans and reviews, so till then, have a magnificent day and don’t get run over.


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