The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Fall 2013 “first” Impressions. Nagi No Asukara.

the most relevant screenshot of the entire anime.

Seduced by the gorgeous animation of the trailers, in an action packed season filled with feels, it took me three weeks to actually sit my ass down and watch this.

“You should so watch Nagi No Asukara!” My friend said.

Well damn, am I happy to have one of those, you know, friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to an anime that might or might not be the next Anohana with alot of shota and traps that aren’t really traps.

Oh yeah, I’m loving this already.

ImageThe very first episode made me skeptical over this anime as a whole; It’s not that I didn’t like it, I just wasn’t sure if I could keep up with it for 24 episodes. The characters aren’t all that original, but they aren’t all that bad either; We’ve got Tsundere shota, ditzy moe girl, homeboy who I thought was a girl, and finally the mature one.

The story follows these childhood friends that have lived their life under the sea, also known as “Sea Dwellers”, but due to their school closing down, they are forced to attend school on land.

After this, quite some things happen in a span of only three episodes; Romance, friendship, jealousy, love hexagons and acceptance.

As the description calls it “A beautiful tale”, it really is that. A tale.

It’s mellow, it’s calm, a little dramatic, but overal it’s just a very nice experience.

The writing really steps it’s game up in the fourth episode, and somehow, this is reminiscent to Anohana. I’m not sure if it’s the characters or the pace, but try and tell me it doesn’t subtly remind you of it and I’ll be calling you a liar.

This is certainly one of the better shows this season, and somewhere in the back of my and probably everyone else’s head, we can just feel the intense drama that’s about to come.


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