The Rigtheous-Three-Episode-Rule-Of-Doom; Fall 2013 “First” Impressions. Meganebu!.

this is an anime about pretty boys, I swear.

It’s that time of the season where I get to talk about a bunch of attractive-but-not-really megane boys and their questionable sexuality.

Or atleast, I would just love to do that; You know, talk about how cool they look and about how much their relationship makes me cry.

But damn, instead I got a show that intimidates the likes of Kill La Kill when it comes to out-of-the-nowhere-all-over-the-place madness, didn’t I get promised the next free!?


make us free, na splash, kasaneta.
make us free, na splash, kasaneta.

I was very, very skeptical about this, my only consolation being the fact these boys had nipples, unlike the anime that allowed this to exist; Free!

I just didn’t like the idea at all. A glasses club? Really?

The day of the first episode arrived, and what I thought would be an obvious fujoshi oriented show, it turns out to seem that they themselves don’t know just who exactly they’re trying to get at.

The story follows the silly glasses club, whose goal is to create X-ray glasses to look at naked women.

I’m not the greatest writer in the existence of ever, but I don’t think this is an exactly “smart” move for an anime that only interest the girls, right?

Getting over this slap in the face, I accepted it and then, hell, I actually enjoyed it.

As of episode 3, this show is swimming in mediocrity in every aspect except for the amazing animation.

And that wraps it up, basically.

No real plot, no relevant motivation, no notable characters. It’s fun, and that’s all you need sometimes.

Give it a go, I’d say. It’s not a bad show, really.



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