The Rigtheous 3-Episode-Rule-Of-Doom; Fall 2013 “First” Impressions. Kill La Kill.

ImageNot being by definition, a “Fan” of neither Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan nor Panty and Stockings,  It goes without saying I was more than irked when people started shouting at me, urging me to forget about the sheer perfection-but-not-really that was Shingeki No Kyojin and Free!, telling me to sit my ass down to watch this anime called “Kill La Kill.”

Of course, I knew about it already, yeah, yay, TTGL crew reunited, yay, fun. More testostorone, more manliness!

Unsure but giving in to the hype, I opened up the first episode. Colour me surprised when I say; God Damn, TRIGGER, did any of you ever attend economy class?

ImageTaking place in a fascist society where Hitler won the war and your grades are directly related to wheter you’re gonna live in the gutter or in Beverly Hills; The story follows Matoi, who seeks revenge after her father’s death, using half a scissor and later, a rather forceful and thirsty uniform that goes by the name of Senketsu. Somehow getting to the conclusion that Satsuki (The baddest girl around apparently) killed him, she starts attending the same school as her and hell insues… except that it doesn’t really.

KnK is all over the place, gives me a false impression and then takes my expectations by the neck and throws you headfirst down the mountain with a “Lol loser bye” being your only consolation.

No, really. Initially I didn’t know what to expect except for alot of weird camera angles that could beat the likes of SHAFT when it comes to spontaneous ADHD.

I seriously love this. Really.

The animation that makes me wonder if they learned anything from the Evangelion financial fiasco, the characters so out there that I can’t even and finally a story so lackluster I want to cry.

Also the personification of Free!. I love that guy.

I don’t even know what else to say about this, Don’t expect anything. Shut down your brain. Take a bag of chips, maybe a bowl of fruits if you’re feeling healthy. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.




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