The Righteous 3-Episode-Rule Of Doom; Fall 2013 “First” Impressions. Coppelion.

ImageI’m not exactly sure what I was expecting of a serie whose main characters wear highschool uniforms for Hazard suits, and, yeah, sure, they are imune to the radiation and God-forsaken-who-really-gives-a-crap, but still, isn’t it a little impractical to be wearing 10-inch (Though I shouldn’t be allowed to talk about impractical, I just researched the american inch thing just to sound smart.) in combat?

From the creators of Project K, the series lies in the hands of GoHands, otherwise known as the studio that just can’t do it right.

Sure, sure, sure, the animation is gorgeous, or atleast, the scenery part of it is. The character? not really. No, really, not really.
I’d run away scared if I’d ever see a girl that pale, let alone three at the same time. Not to mention the fact they’re wearing highschool uniforms while casually strolling on radioactive grounds.

And that’s kind of where it stops, you know, being three episodes in and all.

But the thing is, in other series we know where we’re going, or trying to go, atleast, at this stage, Coppelion? Not so much.

Teased with the characters from the opening, I’m left intrigued and unable to drop this show, I mean, seriously.

I guess it’d just be fair to give the characters the time of the day; Which I will get to right now, if I knew how to talk about them without sounding whiny.

Seriously talking; Ibara (The long haired chick that’d be the tsundere if this were a romance and is obviously not related to Misaki from Kaichou wa maid sama.) something, she cries, like, alot. And in every episode she surprises everyone except that she doesn’t. I don’t like her and I’d by surprised if you did after episode 3.

Then there’s ditzy kouhai (Ibara-senpaiIbarasenpai-Ibara-senpai) and megane kouhai who are so irrelevant despite always being on screen I dont even know their nam. This can and hopefully will change as the series continues. Hopefully.

Also there’s some leader oji-san but no one cares about him really.

Going back to the aforementioned where the heck is this going thing; This has literally 9 episodes left, and yet so many characters are yet to be introduced, characters that will hopefully be necessary for the plot and a little less shallow than our main girls.

tl;dr; I’m waiting for the good. Don’t you dare fuck this up. I swear to god.

Also, panty shots but not really.


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