The Long Awaited Key Rewrite VN Gets TV Anime.


I can only say “long awaited” and not “Oh my god anime is saved” simply because I´ve lived my life thinking Rewrite was a Little Buster sequel. I´m understandibly a little startled.

Together with the Charlotte finale, it was announced that Key´s Rewrite will air sometime soon and that the Studio 8-Bit Grisaia crew will be back to animate it, while Tensho will write and work on the show. You can watch the preview here.

The actual plot of the game tells the story of Kazamatsuri, a city where civilzation and greenery coexist Kotaro Tennoji encounters an alternate dimension of the city where everything is silent and gray, this is the setting of an ongoing war between two groups. Honestly I think you should read the wikipedia entry instead because the plot is like three paragraphs long and I don´t know jack shit about this game to tell you anything about it.

As I´ve said numerous times in the past, I´m a sucker for Key – but even though Clannad, Angel Beats and Kanon all hold a special place in my heart and even though I enjoyed Air and Charlotte, I feel like Rewrite might be a bit of a Little Buster kind of deal , which mean I´ll probably really dislike it and get pissed off for no reason.

Besides, when I think of intense teensy drama I don´t think of 8bit. The aesthetics of the preview hurt both my heart and soul, of course this is a competely subjective thing but hey, I´m here to give my uneducated opinion on things and Rewrite is popular. Really freaking popular, and I guess I´m curious about the hype now that I´ve been informed that Rewrite is not a sequel or spinoff to another Key work.

So even though the synopsis has too many plants and botanical stuff I don´t find particularly exciting, I´ll carefully watch from the sidelines with binoculars to see how this goes down for the visual novel folks. It´s your treat, guys.


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The Long Awaited Key Rewrite VN Gets TV Anime., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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