The Highly Innapropiate Kangoku Gakuen Gets Anime!

That’s right, the 14th volume of this beautifully ilustrated bordeline-hentai manga   has announced that an anime adaptation has been green-lit. Rejoice. Or not.

Studio, type and date has not been set, all I’m wondering is how they’re gonna adapt this without censoring the fuck out of it or make it some godly OVA.

In case you haven’t heard about this masochist gem yet, Kangoku Gakuen or Prison School tells the story of some all-girl-school that one day allows boys to enroll, thus 5 dudes enter the school expecting their own, personalized harem: Instead they live their highschool life as prisoners with some third rate dominatrix and a whole lotta girls with different breast sizes and hairstyles and heels stepping and spitting on them.

Well, that’s that I guess. I’m actually kind of excited and naturally I’ll watch it. Also can we please talk about how stupidly detailed and gorgeous the manga iteself actually is? God damn.



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The Highly Innapropiate Kangoku Gakuen Gets Anime!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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