The Fall 2014 Anime Season So Far. [Part 3]


When a season is a little less spectacular than you hoped or expected it to be, there´s usually that one show that stops you from dropping the anime ball. I think I found mine.


Title: Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis.
Studio: MAPPA. (Garo, Zankyo No Terror.)
Status: Ho-ly shit. Will watch to the end.

Oh man. Oh man, oh man oh man. This is the real thing, guys. Drop the animated MMOs, drop the mysognist romances, drop out of school for all I care, but this the must-watch of the season.

Coming out of exactly nowhere but the skeptical minds of others (Adapted from a card game = piece of shit anime) I think that everyone who is watching this gem has the same reaction. Where did this come from and why is it so good?

Be it the ah-mazing animation, the lovable characters, the action that puts Attack On Titan to shame or just the comedy, I think that this show is something that almost everyone can appreciate. It takes itself seriously, it knows what´s it´s doing, and the result is a Hollywood flick that somehow got anime-ized in the best way possible.

Seek no longer, the anime you´ve been wanting is right here.


Title: Shirobako. Doughnuts the animation.
Studio: P.A Works. (Nagi No Asukara, Angel Beats, Glasslip)
Status: ???

This show is weird.

I´m not saying it´s interesting weird. Or funny weird. Or grossly weird. It´s just weird.

It´s also weird that I think it´s weird, seeing that it´s just a show, animated by melodrama-lovers P.A Works about adult moe girls that have the exact same body shape working in the animu industry. It has been described as Bakuman but with anime, I personally think that Bakuman had a bit more heart than this.

Shirobako is OK. If you take away the interesting industry stuff it´d just be a show about moe girls talking shit, unfortunately the only anime showcasing moe girls talking shit that I can stand is K-on. But I´m getting off topic.

Hey! If you asked me wheter you should watch Shirobako or not, I would say yes! It´s worth it just for – as I´ve said – the anime talking. Am I ready to commit to 24 episodes of this? I don`t know. But for now, It´s in the green.


Title: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso. Your Lie In April (What does this even mean.)
Studio: A1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Kuroshitsuji, Oreimo, Utapri)
Status: Bullshit.

Take my words with a grain of salt since I´ve only seen one episode of this thing, but from what I´ve seen, I didn´t like it. I didn´t like the nyan girl. The proportions of the character are weird. Their faces look like fish and from what I can tell, the drama is totally offensive and just as painful as Ookami Shoujo. Yes. I´m comparing this to Ookami Shoujo.

I wouldn´t say that I dropped this just yet, but from what I´ve read and seen on other blogs, it supposedly gets even worse with the manipulative bullshit. Yo, NotaminA, I don´t play this way.

I should go and judge it for myself, but episode 1 made me tired enough, so can I really handle 23 more episodes of happy-go-lucky perfect girl who probably has cliché angst of her own here? Nah, I doubt it.


Title: Orenchi No Furo Jijou
Studio: Asahi Productions (Medaka Box, Himegoto, Hello Kitty)
Status: Will watch to the end.

It´s cute. It´s funny. It´s fanservice-iffic.


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